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Steroids or One-In-a-Million Genetics?

Often on social media you find guys who state they are “natural”. It’s usually easy to tell but I’m not able to tell with Andrei Deiu who has recently won professional competitions in Romania.

Is his physique achievable with patience, training, rest & nutrition? Does he just have amazing genetics? Or is there a good chance he has used anabolic steroids? I can usually tell but not with this guy. Id like to have more opinions.

Below I have attached pictures that show his 5 year progress. He is about 5’10 & weighs around 190 lbs.

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.







How can you usually tell?

Imo, if he is ripped like that all the time then he is on something

I’m not an expert but this is what I usually look at & it could be wrong:

  1. Size is the most obvious was. Good genes or bad genes there’s definitely a limit.
  2. How fast they put on size.
  3. Shoulders & trapezius muscles that stand out a lot areas sincd they have the most androgen receptors supposedly

But like I said I’m not an expert and could be wrong. Just been in the gym for years so I’ve picked up on patterns & going off of that.

There is no way that guy is a natural. Just speaking from my experience as a pro natural bodybuilder. He may have started out that way, but that first picture in the OP’s post, no way he still is.


That’s him bulking. You should see him when he drops for a comp.

Even if his progress has been gradually? Not debating it just tryna gain some insight.

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Yes. He’s simply way too big to be natural, especially at that level of conditioning. And there is NO WAY a natural would make that much progress in 5 years.

If you had to take a guess around what picture do you think he stopped being natural?

He’s so natty even his roids are natty.

That’s like super-natty.

Here’s something to think about though-

Even with all of these things, some people will not get those results.

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I would say it’s both steroids and 1/1M genetics.


I question 190lbs at 5’10. Some creative photography work.


So many haters!


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Who cares! Mmmm…mmmmm…


I can’t say for a fact he’s on steroids. But what I can say, with 100% certainty, is that you could have given me every steroid in the cupboard when I was his age, and thanks to my one-in-a-two genetics, I would have looked nothing like that.


Exactly. Also, if he was this hulk of a man natty, why not just hop on gear and become Mr Olympia?

I guess I just don’t see why it matters either way. I could see if someones was in direct competition with him in a organization where PEDs are a no no.


@ChickenLittle, please. You’re getting drool all over my laptop.


Definitely not natty. And definitely not 190lbs in any of those first pictures.

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