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Steroids or mag -10 and drinking?

One of my friends is on a “cycle” and i was wondering wether or not it was a good idea for him to drink last night? I think hes doing a mag-10 cycle for 4 weeks (2 mag 2 tribex/m) and then a 4 week cycle of winny or something? How bad was it that he drank last night or did it have any effect at all?

My condolences to your “friend.” He will eventually die, if he has not done so already.

Of course, we all will.

Drinking is probably not the best idea while “on”, but hopefully it was a one time deal and he doesn’t drink every night. And he didn’t drive while he was intoxicated.

Bobo, it isn’t the end of the world. Alcohol is inhibiting to BBing in that it promotes estrogen and lowers T levels. What he is taking should help to counter that.

It will from my experience give him a less intense workout the nest day but if he is eating like he should for the MAG-10 cycle it shouldn’t really bother him. I am not condoning drinking during intense training phases, but we all know how it goes “the party of the year always comes along in your second week of hard training” the best thing your friend could have done for himself is go buy a couple of those crappy tasting energy drinks ie… Red Bull or something similar the extra B6 and B12 in those really help your liver process alcohol. THe end result is little to no hangover.