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Steroids on the Radio This Weekend


There's a radio program featuring Jay Cutler and ....ME! Check out this site for details...

I'll be talking about (what else) Steroids, and there'll be a call-in Q&A if anyone wants to call and have a bit of a chat to me.

www.superhumanradio.com has all the details on the show.


I'm really looking forward to this. Too bad I'm out of the listening area. But I'm definitely going to download!

Congratulations Anthony!


Here's the link just in case anyone wants to listen to me on the radio, talking about steroids:


I don't know about other people but I had trouble streaming it. So, just right-click it and save link as to download it. If you don't want to listen to the whole show which is almost an hour long, AR comes in about 30 minutes in.


What did you think? I was a bit nervous (first radio interview), but I think I did alright...


Nice interview Anthony!

The interviewers sounded more nervouse than you, especially when they were haveing the technical problems. Wish it was longer than 30 minutes, I could tell you had so much to say and could of gone into so much more detail but you had to dull it down and keep it short for the audience and time restriction. Can't wait for more audio and articles from you! Keep us posted!

Thanks for helping me out through email!



You sounded a bit nervous at first, but not so much after a few minutes. Regardless, you came across as sounding very knowledgeable. I'll definitely be buying your book.


My thoughts exactly. Will you be doing that radio show again?

How bout the T-Nation radio?


I may be doing a weekly prerecorded spot where I explain one particular steroid or concept on steroids, and then a monthly interview, it seems...

T-Nation radio? I'd love to do it, I just haven't been asked! I haven't seen one posted in awhile, either....


I could use some feedback onthis issue. Are others having trouble streaming the show? Also El Animal what type of probelm did you encounter? Did is stall? Are you on broadband or dial-up. I need feedback so I can correct this if it is a chronic problem.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

And yes, we'll have Anthony back on most likeley in the 3rd week of February. I have a show that is only 45 minutes long that Saturday due to a pre-empting by NASCAR. The whole show will be dedicated to allowing Anthony to answer real questions about stacks, etc. If you have a specific question you'd like to have answered during the show but you're outside the listening area please email it to onair@superhumanradio.com .