steroids on CBS news

at least once a week CBS news is having these idiotic steroid stories, anybody see them? on todays report: 15 year old starts doing steroids, stops after classmate dies of suicide from steroids, then he himself became severely depressed and almost killed himself…

just thought i would mention it

i dont get how someone could inject themself with ANYTHING without researching it bigtime, plus the faggots who sell steroids to 15 year olds should be beaten down

these dumb reports are mostly bad. even though they might scare a couple misguided kids into not doing them, they continue to spew the garbage that everyone recycles… and this is all kind of relevant to the prohormones banning


no 15 year old kid is gonna say that hes 15 to a roid dealer, think about it.

glad cbs is finally on the bandwagon.

deem steeroids are bad, and they make your penis fall off.


Well Iamnobody, let me explain it to you in a way that will simplify Humanity for you. Humans are stupid and lazy.
Steroids are supposed to make you gain muscle without having to do any work yourself. At least that is what uneducated people believe, which is most of the general public. So we have ‘Stupid’ covered and lazy ties in because they don’t want to do anything for themselves, they just want the results. But stupid and lazy rear their ugly heads when it is time for research as well.
The kid looks up something about steriods on the web(if he even bothers) but that is only to make sure that his penis won’t fall off, because what good are instant muscles if your love pump falls off? He quickly finds out that the penis will stay firmly attached, nothing else matters now.

See lazy and stupid, and if something bad happens he will not accept responsibility because he is what??? Lazy, and most people accept his excuse because they are stupid.


Steroids could be obtained down the entire chain from dealer to lifter to lifter’s friends, etc etc

Its sad, but often times follows the progression of:
kid works out>keeps working out without good diet/training info>kid gets frustrated at lack of or slow results>kid thinks about steroids and how badd ass he would be if he took them>kid gets them from some lame ass idiot fuck who tells him to “take three of these a day”>kid is big and strong for a while>kid is too immature, acts out in various ways>doesnt have any clue about post cycle therapy, loses gains

We all know how steroids can be taken without or with minimal health risks because of the information we have gathered. However, the lay public is left to take in the garbage the media feeds em. Its just sad to see that these prolific media outlets do not put out facts but sensationalized ideas.

Attempting to educate the masses is just unreasonable, so apparently the next best thing is to use scare tactics in an effort to make people leave well enough alone.

What the hell has happened to self responsibility?

Sensationalism sells. Sensationalism scares. Sensationalism achieves the desired effect, in this case, to make the public shun “steeroids.”

I still haven’t seen any mainstream media attention given to the doctor who is speaking out against the insane misinformation being spouted regdaring steroids.

Very sad.

hehe, the kid looked ten.

ya newdamage, in all of the reports, the kid does steroids, comes off them, gets depressed, tries to kill himself… they never lay any blame on him or say thqat the depression etc could have been avoided…

i mean, even if you dont want kids knowing they could somehow do them safely, isnt it still a pile of crap to not report the facts? and that goes for all of these news shows…

just makes you realize how these news shows distort everything

Yes, its the biggest pile of horseshit not reporting facts.

So, take into consideration, ALL of the shit that gets reported: take it with a grain of salt.

Educate yourself, don’t let some shit-for-brains puppet on TV do it for you.