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Steroids - Next Step?


Whats going on all. I'm 29 years old 6' foot and 210lbs. I have been lifting weight since I can remember and I have hit a dead stop in my gains. I max at about 405 bench and I can't seem to get past that with any of the over the counter supplements. Is there any good advise you could through my way. Thanks


Before looking at supps/AAS to get you past your plateau, maybe you should look at your traning.

How long have you been doing the same stuff? Have you thought about changing your entire training routine? Have you considered backing off?

There are a lot of things you can do to break through sticking pionts before going to the juice.

That's just my opinion.


I'll be dead honest with you bro. If you want my opinion on what I would do if I where you? I'd look for a new program (something I've never tried before or done recently), buy ALOT of protein powder, brown rice, sweet potatoes, meat, chicken, tuna, oatmeal, greens, fruits, and milk, then look for a good juice hookup.

Seriously, this is a question that only you know the answer to. Do you really want to take that step. In my view you've spent an adequate number of years in the gym to the point where you aren't just "toying around" with lifting. Just curious though, while that's a very respectable bench, what's your other main lifts look like? Squat, deads, rows ect? If they're all on point or close to it then I'd say it's your call. You already know what I'd do. SO figure it out yourself from there.

BTW, you came to a good place for sensible advice.


I have just about tried everything to break the wall down. I have changed routine's, taken time off and I have been using whey protien and eating like a animal on top of all that. I'm not sure about juicing but I have read a good amount about the side affect that it has. You just need to use your head and respect your body or your screwed.

I love to lift heavy but it's starting to piss me off seeing really young guys out lift me. I have know contacts to get to that next level and I don't expect to get any. I just wanted some help from someone that know where I'm coming from. Thanks for the cool response, I appreciate it.


first and foremost, find out what you may be getting into and educate yourself about AAS. i'll provide you with some links.......

steroid newbie thread.

steroids for dummies.

searches to perform on T-mag.....

"steroids for health"
"constructing a cycle"
"The S files"

use these resources to read up and decide if this is the step you want to take.

if it is.....then go for it. just make sure to design a cycle with goals in mind. post it here with all the details.....dosages, duration, AAS used, anti-e's, pct plans. if you do that, every bro on here will have no problem helping you out.


Sounds good thanks for the links.