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Steroids More Available in Tucson or Las Vegas?

I have 2 job opportunities, one in Tucson, AZ and another in Las Vegas, NV. I’m trying to find out which location has the best access to bodybuilding pharmaceuticals (not bootleg or kitchen crap).

TUSCON, AZ - Just an hour away from Nogales, Mexico. I’m thinking I could drive to Nogales each week, buy a single weekly dose at a pharmacy, take it while I’m in Mexico, and cross the border home empty handed. Has anyone on this forum done that?

LAS VEGAS, NV - Lots of gyms, a good number of bodybuilders including some pros. Other than expensive “rejuvination clinics”, are doctors approachable for prescriptions?


Just order it online to whatever a dress you want

driving to mexico once a week? that is gonna get old real quick