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Steroids & Keto Diet

Anyone have any experience with a ketogenic diet while on steroids?

Was the diet more effective or less effective while on AAS?

Did you have trouble recovering after workouts without carbs or did the AAS make that not a problem?

Did you have the same intensity or less in your workouts?

Thanks for any input.

yes, i have, i did a ketogenic diet(30-40 gr carbs daily), past year 6 weeks using only primobolan, 300 mg weekly, 30 min cardio daily.i was cut to the bone, later, they began to explode primos. woooohps,
later i put too, 10 i.u slin firt thing in the mornig and 10 i.u after training,i exploded, people get very astonished.
very dangerous too,near death, twice.

Explode primos? Huh? Insulin use is like asking for trouble bro. Anyway, check out Cy Wilson’s Steroid Dieting article. Awesome ideas, and really effective. Lata…

So, did the juice help you in any way to recover from your workouts, or did it take longer anyway without carbs.

What did you lose during this cutting diet? 20 pounds of fat, or did you lose some muscle as well?

What does the exploding primos line mean?

I’d read the article you recommended Outkast81, Steroid Dieting, but I’m currently on about 30 carbs a day - was wondering if I’d up my carbs or if I’d get even better results if I kept my carbs low.

Agree with you about the insulin.

primo help a lot,because protect muscle like nothing else,exploding primos is more stronger than ever.i lost some muscle like 1 centimeter in all mesasures,but not to get worried, i think i lost 16-18 pounds (8 kg +/-)of fat and 2 pounds of muscle, but primos get the muscle weight again, because i timed primos with the end of diet.and insulin can help .You have to prove first with 4-5 i.u, and going up,take some carbos later (15 min)like 6-8 gr per i.u.
of course a fast insulin like humalog. last only 2 hours in the system.you can control that.

Oswaldo, thanks for your advice. I had heard that Primo was good for weight loss, just hadn’t heard of exploding Primos. Thanks.

Hey i see you posted in the steroids and keto diet… im curis as to what you did

losing 18 pounds of fat and only 2 pounds of muscle is insane. I’ve done a lot of research but im still a little lost on where i should start. I’d like to learn as much as i can but im curious as to how you went about it all

any help is greatly appreciated

well,i will be in contact.