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Steroids in the School Gym


I workout a few days a week at the University Rec center and I'm starting to think a lot of the guys that frequent the gym are using something.

I mean, to the best of my knowledge, the body won't naturally let a guy have 18-20'' gun with legs of the same size, right?

I'm not one to cry wolf, I recognize hard work, all the guys on my powerlifting team are natural and some are quite large and muscular. But they have symmetry to some extent.

Is it even possible to naturally achieve such a distinct lightbulb look?


I am not sure if it is possible the way you described it but I see it all the time and I workout out at two different places. we call them "bricks on sticks" I rarely have to wait for a squat rack, unless they are doing curls on it; but there is usually a wait to grab a bench.


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Are the other sighns of steroid use there?

Tiny balls? Loss of hair? Bacne? Insane, homicidal rampages? Shattering of decades-old homerun records?

Seriously, though...I am assuming you have not been to many commercial gyms. You'll find these guys everywhere 24-hour Fitness has raised a flag.


don't sneeze too hard around them or they'll fall over. top heavy ya know :slightly_smiling:


Steroids don't cause your biceps to suddenly become huge while the rest of your body stays the same size. This is more the result of pretty-boy syndrome. This syndrome manifests itself in compulsively walking around with your lats flared, staring at your abs in the mirror, doing biceps 5 times a week etc.


Actually I haven't, I went to a local chain gym in my hometown, the university gym, and the powerlifting gym I workout at.

I only see these freaks at the university gym. And some of these guys do display bacne and the like, but for males in the 18-24ish range that's not unusual. Hell I still get it sometimes on my low back where I apply Blue Heat before deadlift days :slight_smile:

Still, my main point was that the doesn't doesn't normally let a person grow that way right?


The body responds to stimulus. If these guys are only stimulating certain muscle groups, like bi's, tri's etc, then they will be the only ones to grow. I have yet to hear of a guy getting tree trunk legs from performing large amounts of bicep curls. I had some friends in college that fit that bill, all were natural. They were all very lean too, which adds to that disproportionate appearance. Maybe they juice, maybe not, but one thing is for sure...they have a lot to learn.


No, I understand your point: it's just that had you been around more gyms you would realze that, sadly, this is an extraordinarily common body type amongst the species Gymus Rattus.

A key rule in life is that 90% of everything is shit. This includes trainers. For 90% of them, training legs beyond the occasional set of half-range leg presses just doesn't exist.
Because their knees hurt. or they fucked up their back. Or their hip. Everyone of them has some bullshit excuse why they don't squat and they're all just that: bullshit.

People don't train their legs because it's hard. It hurts while you're doing it and it hurts the next day and (if you did them right) it hurts the day after that. So most people say, "Well, you can't see my legs anyway," to rationalize the fact that they're pussies.

Take pride in this fact; stare at the lightbulbs next time you've got the bar on your shoulders and be glad you're not one of them.