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Steroids in the Land of the Rising Sun?


Hey all. I'm in the research stage of planning my first assisted cycle. I currently live in japan, where the law states steroids are perfectly legal for use as supplements. The problem appears to be that the method of delivery, syringes, are illegal unless authorised and administered by a medical professional, under another law controlling use of hard drugs. Therefore it seems orals are the only way to go here as customs is really
hot on blocking any personal imports of syringes from abroad.

I wanted to know if any japan based steroid users out there have been able to buy within japan (is source commentary still a no-no in a steroid legal country?) regardless, no need to mention specifics. Did you have to do personal import from Thailand/china? Can Japanese websites selling orals be trusted? Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. A tbol only cycle appears to be the best oral for my current situation. I have no objection to oil based AAS.

Thank you in advance!


I have seen international sources on the net that sell syringes. they are much more expensive then buying them though an online medical supplier, but i imagine they would be discretely wrapped to avoid notice by customs