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Steroids in Supplements?


Does this happen often? The last time I remember was Ultimate Orange.



maybe Biotest should slip some MAG-10 into something :wink:


Wake up, these ARE steroids. Yes, even the legal ones. Therefore, I am not at all surprised when steroids contain steroids.

However, I am shocked and appalled at the nonsensical witch hunts. Progestins are legal, 4-AD is banned!?! It's embarrassing.



I never heard any such thing about Ultimate Orange, the original formula at least.


I agree with J-fit. ::ahem::


Yeah, Ultimate Orange's key ingredient was ephedra and maybe yohimbe. Don't think there was any stories of steroids ever found in it. But MetRx did have some "special" ingredients in its early stages. I think TC mentioned this at one point.....


Uh...yeah, they're just going to try to slip some EXPENSIVE steroids past you in your protein powder or diet pills.

Prohormones were one thing, they were just a quick modification in the body away from the active forms.

They're not putting them in random things.