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Steroids in Sports


In light of Alex Rodriguez, Johnny Peralta and Nelson Cruz among others being suspended for obtaining steroids from the biogenesis lab, it has got me thinking about how people ( t nation users) that are not as judgemental and naive about the issue of PED usage as your average talking heads on ESPN or the mainstream news. I hear so many people who say things like "he should be banned for life" or "his records are completely invalid brcause he used roids!" I think this is a simple minded and uninformed approach to the situation of PEDs.

Anyway, what do you think the MLB should do to the players connected to biogenesis? How should the MLB and other leagues like the NFL handle people who either test positive or are caught using steroids and other PEDs? Should steroids be legal? Why or why not?




I find it humerous you forgot to mention Braun when he is your avi. I could care less about the PED usage, however, the lying(A-Rod, Marion Jones, Mark McGuire) and then trying to hurt others reputations (Braun, Armstrong) to cover your tracks I do have a problem with.

Again, PED usage is kind of a "whatever" issue to me, however, when you sign that contract you are agreeing to a set of rules and if you get caught be a man and own up to it and don't pull this childish "Everybody else is doing it" or "Nuh-uh" when its obvious you really were. That is all.


I'm curious to see what those smarter than me on this issue have to say. I'm pretty sure I've read on here before that up until like the 1950s scientists were actually studying steroids for beneficial use not just in athletes, but for the general population. I'm all for it.

And as to sports, wtf wouldn't you want people to get as big and strong and fast as possible to participate in a game that rewards size, strength and speed? The argument someone will undoubtedly bring up about it ruining the sport because you can no longer compare today's records with 50 years ago is specious at best. Who cares what happened 50 years ago? I want to see someone hit the ball 600 feet.

Finally, baseball is ghey and boring as fuck.


Josie Canseco told the truth and people completely forgot about him. I am with jbpick just tell the damn truth.

That being said it is stupid to believe that most of the records being broken in everything these days is solely because of better training and nutrition. PED usage is widespread in every top sport. I wish they would just make it legal and lift the ban and let them go nuts. Would be more exciting to watch imo.


I agree it should be legal but I don't agree that all top athletes are not already on lots of fun stuff. I think it's needed when you reach that level just to not crush your body. I think they are very beneficial to the athletes. So I think they are using but just having to be sneaky about it which actually is pretty easy IMO. But it should be legal.

Also side note I do think many AAS could have benefits for the general pop when used correctly.


I think they should just not care. I want to see the all-drug Olympics.


at this point, it's sports entertainment - I would like to have juiced up monsters rampaging each other on the gridiron, and jacked up baseball players smacking it over the fence, this is exciting and is what the sport needs - imho~

it's BS for them to hide it, its all a game -


[quote]jbpick86 wrote:
I find it humerous you forgot to mention Braun when he is your avi.

hahahaha. yeah I kinda "forgot" to mention him. The reason I left him out is because the ESPN analysts were blabbering about A-Rod and the other players I mentioned and not Ryan Braun. I really like Braun but I think its funny anyone actually bought his whole story in the first place when he said that the whole process of testing him was wrong.


I think America just needs to get the fuck over steroids and accept it. Just stop fucking testing and let it go. I don't even care about the lying. It's been shown time and time again that these athletes stand to lose more from getting caught doping than they do from fucking murdering someone (I wish I were exaggerating). I will agree though that it's utterly classless to throw someone else under the bus and trying to damage others reputations to take the heat off yourself.

The steroid ban in everything just seems so fucking dumb. People want to see baseball players smashing home runs right and left. People want to see 250lb running backs smashing people into the air on a weekly basis and recovering from injuries like they're fucking Wolverine. Olympic lifters in Russia hit world record breaking weights in the gym, and then have a lesser showing in the actual games of whatever they can still do after they've cycled down enough to pass the test.

I wish everyone would just give the fuck up and let it happen and enjoy the show.


Bingo. This is one of the best things about World's Strongest Man. They want those guys doped to the gills, because they wanna see shit like a human being pulling a fucking 747 alone.


Side question what percentage of professional athletes are using some sort of ped?

Also I think it's funny that PEDs are so demonized when people are trying ingest any natural product possible to naturally boost testosterone GH performance ect but all that is ok.


The MLB cannot publicly say steroids are legal. If they did, they would risk having huge public relations issue and some fans (not including myself) would walk away from the game. Also, if the MLB or any other major pro sports organization legalized 'roids and "let them go nuts" players would adopt a "if some is good, more is better" mentality with steroids. Combine that possibility with a lot of fame and cash for those who succeed in pro sports and you have a big problem. Dosages could get dangerously high.

IMO the MLB should test the players but turn a blind eye to users who are using a safe amount of Steroids (whatever that may be). They should then suspend the ones using crazy high doses of AAS for two reasons. One, to make sure the players are safe and two, to make it look like to the fans and lamestream media that the MLB "cracking down" on users and is trying to clean up the game. This method is dishonest, but could work.


I'm sure it depends on the sport but i've heard anywhere from 40-60 percent of baseball players from two guys who played short stints in the majors


Testing for stuff like HGH is really hard from what I hear unless you get tested within 3hrs of pinning how would they know? Also on test there is plenty of ways to drop your levels to throw of the tests.. As far as Dbol, primo, winny and some of the others go Im sure they can beat those tests but probably not as easy. Most of these guys getting busted seem to be getting busted on bad tests but mostley heresay and getting ratted out.
Personally I dont blame these guys If I was getting millions to play a sport and by juicing I could extend my career its a no-brainer. The stuff is readily available to anyone over 30. If you got the cash its just that easy... Im no genuis nor am I a millionair and I can find HGH & test legally


I think that they should be part of an injury prevention and recovery regiment managed by a team physician. With no real dosing protocols and exercise regiments in place to analyse and derive information from, it is still somewhat of a crap shoot left up to individual athletes and/or some very vulnerable "drug docs". One bust and down he goes, as does an entire body of work and knowledge.

This seems like an area where great headway could be made in performance, career longevity and quality of life for both professional athletes and weekend warriors.


Steroids will never be legal, way too much money are being made by keeping them on the illegal side. Also, the media will never show the truth about steroid usage, because if everyone knew, the drug tests would look ridiculous, everyone would want steroids legal, and then we back to number 1. It's a circle.


The general public will never except it. Guys using them will always been seen as cheaters. Like it or not, that is the way it is and will be.


They are already legal as a controlled substance. I had this same discussion several years ago with guys like BBB, and even then the proliferation and usefulness to the general public was becoming very obvious (to me).

A lot of headway on their use has been made, but there is still a looong way to go before they can become commonly accepted in professional sports. Not that they aren't there now, they just aren't accepted on the grounds of "fair play".


A con argument I came across is that with contact sports (football, hockey, combat) is that if these athletes are hitting each other harder, they will injure each other more. Do PEDs harden the skull and make the brain less susceptible to trauma?