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Steroids in Protein Shake WTF


Hello everyone. I came on to you today because I have a serious problem. Ask to help.

Recently I used the personal trainers for my gymnasium, went past caused myself one of that for that eight months. I have rather happily was made good explosions in the size and the power, therefore I happy. Nevertheless it received always my trembling brow of the trainer getting the shake of protein for me, saying that it knew, what better worked, and while I thought, that this was a very curious, that I did not say to anything.

But recently I read a thing of the appreciated ironman, that had 75% of all of the protein shakes, steriods built in them. This combined was itself strongly suspicious, and with my vast combine of the size and power recently.

My suspicion was confirmed when I was schelduled anal copulation with skank whore recently, but my was penis flexible and supple and would not stand. Therefore I came to the sad end, that my personal trainer my protein shake with the steriods hindered spiked.

What should I make? This ruined my life. Neither skank whore nor mother talk to me. How should I confront it of this? Do I think of the driving of a truck into its house to send it a message, your thoughts?


I lol'd.




Shut up. Tool


Fuck off


What the fuck goes on in some of these peoples heads?


What a cunt! You should go to his house, stand in his front room, and Say "YOU CAN'T HAVE ME AS A CLIENT ANYMORE", and then cut your own throat!

Problem solved.



Haaha well done


If you drive of the truck into house, drink of the truck drive to of the drunk to puke of the inside house and excuse for driving of the truck into house. Good story to tell of the jail and also to skank whore, maybe let anal copulation refund? Skank whore of that is. Not of the jail. Much of the luck for the penis standing tall once more.




Awesome story. Sorry to hear about your "supple" issue.


I don't know if your penis would get the message after this, but maybe the skank whore would talk to you again.


Could someone with a mental capacity that's low enough to comprehend what he just said, sum it up for me?


WHAT THE HELL DID HE SAY. If it was written in real sentences maybe someone could give advice about his dilema.


Grieved if it is hard to understand you my English that I am software of Korean translation and of usage to look at and post on these planks. But my problem always remains, so that I would appreciate any counsel of how to detoxification the effects of steroid shake, how to do my mother and skank whore talk to me again, and how to incubate new life into my supple penis.


Man, i never thought that my personal trainer my protein shake with the steroid hindered spike. You ruined my life.


I'd better warn my skank whore


Retardation of the fool that be life you. Skank whores bath little and stink in holes sucking life from supple penis. Your problem remains as the steroids not making problem as whore needs Listerine and a Loofa holding plenty much soap.


Damn, sounds like u got a proble,...I think


I do think buddy is running his stuff through Yahoo Babel Fish...as you have to be a pure comedy genius to fuck up English so precisely like that.