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Steroids in our Gyms




So she took steroids for a month with no PCT.

Good call, idiot.

Anyone see what she was taking?


The reporter could probably also sell her story to a BBing mag as "INCREASE ARM SIZE 1.5" IN 2 WEEKS."


Fucking boring and retarded. Why would a "normal" woman even consider taking steroids. Most likely fake. Whats next? Let's try Meth :slight_smile:


I wouldn't be suprised if this whole thing was fake since it seems like one big anti-steroid propoganda story.


Have you ever seen a pro-steroid propaganda story?

HAHAHA her "medic" is enormous. Looks like he bulked too long.


women don't need pct, they ain't got no test production to restart duh


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I thought she looked dope in the dress that all of sudden didnt fit, if I wasnt at work I would of banged one out.

I got something for that ezxema around your mouth


Jesus that was a crock of shit.
Pure sensationalist crap.


lol his protein drinks were prob liquified fish n chips.

her accent turns me on


I'd hit it.


The box of shit she took said "Spiropent." I didn't think clen was classified as AAS?



That said, she's hot as fuck.


Only by the media. Remember, if it weren't for the fact that they simply couldn't find anything negative that would stick to it, creatine would be considered a "steroid" right now.


That chic is just stupid! But who complains about hot, stupid blondes anyway! That "steriod expert" looks like a real expert though, and a heart attack waiting to happen!


Wait, so your saying I'm NOT on steroids then?


somebody put a cock in her mouth and shut her up.


You use creatine...?
Yeah, that's cheating brah.
If you stopped using it you lose 50lbs and could only bench half what you can now. And all this would happen my mid-afternoon tomorrow.
I have a great bosu-ball workout if you want to get back to stabilising your core though...?


She is too thin... But what a bunch of bullcrap.