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Steroids in NFL


A friend of mine recently started playing football and he doesnt think steroids, etc. are used in NFL. Well he agrees that maybe a very few of the best players may use it.

I thought that steroids were used very often in NFL and in other sports where physique/power/speed/endurance/strength is needed, and where great sums of money are involved.

Anyone able to settle this?


The NFL routinely test for drugs, including performance enhancers. As we all know, these tests are unbeatable. Sir, the NFL is as clean as your church sponsored flag football league.

/Roger Goodell






I remember a NFL player once saying. "If you're on the front line and you don't do steroids you will NOT make it through the season".

Of course that was before they started testing the league.


I have nothing concrete to back up this opinion, but I'd be stunned if fewer than 95% of NFL players and 75% of D-1 college players were on steroids, excluding kickers and punters.


just because they're being tested doesn't mean the tests are made public.

watch "bigger stronger faster".


I don't know for the NFL players, I'd expect that to be high(maybe not 95% but high) but college isn't actually that bad from my experience(I know a ton of OSU current/former players). That's a major d1 school too. Maybe 75% of the "standout" athletes would be pretty close...


And I'll tell you, categorically, that you are wrong. I played for two years at a major D-I school before transferring to a D-I-AA and there was only ONE person who has even using pro-hormones. Within my two years, he was caught. No one even touched steroids. You guys are looking at the stakes are too high argument the wrong way - the stakes are too high to GET caught. This stuff was openly talked about too, so I would have known. Guys used to ask me all the time about GH, etc. because it was UNDETECTABLE. But no one had the budget for that. It was mostly the O/D-lineman who would ask. But they never wanted to risk it with sauce. As a humorous aside, I used to advise and design legal supplement stacks for a current prominent young NFL quarterback.

The only window of opportunity would be the summer - if you studied abroad. Even if you did not participate in offseason summer training (and this was a small group composed mostly of walk-ons, for scholarship players it is basically mandatory), the NCAA can still subpoena you for a drug-test while you are home. I knew of a linebacker buddy who studied in England and ran a Winstrol cycle while he was overseas, but that was it.

I would imagine that in the pro ranks, there is slightly more room for error, but not much. To give you an idea, I was drug tested (urine) by the NCAA 6-10 times as best I can recall within three semesters, and there were more street drug tests (hair) administered by the school itself.

You guys need to remember that those players in college who are going to go pro are those who are good FOOTBALL players, not necessarily those who are the strongest or leanest. They can get by on talent alone. Some starters cared less about working out. It was a nuisance that they tolerated; a necessary evil, nothing more.


in todays elite sports it really comes down to having the best pharmacist/doctor.

i mean theres gotta be all kinds of new blockers and other drugs which mask said performance enhancers, ones that the nfl/ioc and mlb etc dont know or test for.

I mean your routinely wrecking yourself for money, and its big business, c'mon of course they use!!!


People in college, even future NFL stars (and I was surrounded by them) do not have the kind of money for those kinds of consults and guidance, and for the most part, they do not need them.

I have no "inside" knowledge of the NFL, so I will not comment.


There is no reason to believe that someone is not working on or has not already developed a new "undectable" anabolic.

As far as believing that the top guys are using and the less important guys aren't; I'd say its the other way around if there is a disctiction at all. Just my opinion.

No one here can actually prove any of this though.


This is the most accurate thing anyone has said with regards to college players.


Seriously you guys should read more back articles on T-Nation.



Eli Manning obviously juices


Maybe Romo should ask for some cycle advice. He could even ask Eli to borrow a few bucks from the new 120+ Mil contract he's getting.


Tom Brady doesnt juice, because Tom Brady is God.


Honestly I don't see the big deal if there was steroid use in the NFL. Who cares really? You will still go to games and watch cause football is awesome.

Personally I would rather see everyone playing to there top potential not just genetic. Its not like steroids are going to help them play better as a team. Its not like the QB is going to get bigger fancier running plays.

I would rather if they are on they should all step up at once and say fuck you we take'em and the fans love us and we get paid.

Cause its one fuck of a hard job. And they will not be in it that long anyways. Let them make some cash. Love them for their sacrifice.

I guess it boils down to I want to see the biggest strongest fastest people play that I can.


Tom Brady man juices.


Well, there are two active San Diego Chargers who were on Steroids and were subsequently caught and disciplined.

Luis Castillo and Shawne Merriman.

Castillo was caught during the NFL combine before he was drafted, and Merriman actually had to serve a 4 game suspension.

It happens, it's still around. I don't think it's anywhere near as prevalent though.
The risk is too high.