Steroids In Ketchup Packets?

ok here is a new one i think . today i got a call from a friend and he told me about this guy is trying to sell him test that was in something like a ketchup packet each pack was 5 cc each. he said it was from russia .i told him not to trust it. well what do yall think ?

I’m not sure about anything from russia (it’s usually european, but there are different brands), but stealth does comes in 5ml sachets (which are like ketchup packets.

Aren’t you the guy that asked what t3 was? Wouldn’t that automatically disqualify you from answering questions regarding steroids? My point is your complete lack of respect for the members of this board, and your apparent inability to read. Do your research, or expect to constantly flamed.

hey knb go fuck your self . i dont disrespect anyone on here ok . yea im new to this and im asking things that might be dumn to you . but thanks to the outher members on here im learning . so do me a faver and if you see me post something dont repley. i dont care for what you have to say.

Whoa fellas. A newbie might not know they’re called “stealth,” so I threw him a lead. I’m hoping he does his own research from there. I’ll give any newbie a couple “dumb” posts before I disregard them, but I’m giving this guy his chance. He’s fresh and not disrespectful, so it’s the perfect opportunity to lead him in the right direction without him thinking he already knows everything.

I wouldnt touch anything from russia. That includes whores and steroids.

This coming from someone living in a country that was a part of the Russian Empire for well over a century.

[quote]Contrl wrote:
This coming from someone living in a country that was a part of the Russian Empire for well over a century.[/quote]

Echoss from another post. This coming from someone living in a country who fought two bloody wars against soviet union. And those were real wars,not some clean send our troops to fight in another country type of a thing where most people at home dont really see the brutality of a war.

Besides before that we were part of sweden, and this is starting to sound like a political forum now so i better stop.

hey bayouboy: my point is if you want answers to questions you can’t find, no problem. There are lots of people here willing to help the noobe’s. Fighting words are unnecessary and childish. Everybody gets flamed, it’s part of life okay? So let’s play nice here and I’ll forget about your idle threats…

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