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steroids in hockey

a quick question, are steroids legal in hockey or do they test.

Steroids are illegal period.

Steroids are legal for hockey players, but illegal for everyone else. Trust me on this.

yeah i knew that lets just go with the question “do they test for steroids in hockey”. im doing a report for school

The NHL bans steroids, but does not do random tests.
old dogg

No they don;t. I am assuming you mean in the nhl?


Guys I have a ‘friend’ who wants to know if I can do steroids…errr I mean if they test for steroids in table tennis?

yeah in the NHL

If you’re lookin for some more info, try doin a search on the net regarding the QMJHL (quebec major junior hockey league). They recently, about a month ago or so, had some player agent accuse the league of widespread drug use. There should be a fair bit of info on that somewhere, and i’m sure there would be info relating to the NHL’s policies in some of the articles as well. Btw, the qmjhl is one of the three that make up the chl if you didn’t know.

The longer answer is that the NHL & NHLPA (players union) agreed to a league ban of steroid use. However, they did not agree on any process for testing and the NHL does not test. NHL players who participate in the Olympics are subject to IOC testing. You can check this site for more details.
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thanks guys, i just needed to know if they test in the NHL or not, thanks to those who responded.