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Steroids & High Blood Pressure?

Hi guys,

About 6 months ago, I was all ready to start my first proper cycle of AAS (500mgs Test E, 400mgs EQ 12 weeks). I went to the doctors to get checked out prior to starting, and he found i had REALLY high blood pressure (~200/105).

Since then, I’ve had just about every test possible, and all results have been normal. I’m currently on 3 different meds, which aren’t doing shit for me except cost me money. The doctors don’t have a fucking clue whats wrong, and the only suggestions i get is that my protein powders contain nandrolone(!), or its my high protein diet.

Despite all this, I know that blood pressure like mine isn’t to be taken lightly. I sold my gear to an friend, but it’s been six months, and the itch is getting REALLY strong. I was considering using GH, but am a little unsure.

Any advice? apologies for the long post.

It’s true that blood pressure is sometimes elevated moderately while using anabolic steroids; also sometimes not. For example I check the same either way.

But you’re sixty points over borderline with the systolic pressue, and that’s huge.

You’re also off the gear.

That makes me suspect that there is another cause: but even if there is, at blood pressure still anywhere near that high I would not use anabolic steroids.

You may need to find another doctor. Their suggestions are ridiculous and IMO demonstrate they are ignorant and willing to waste your time with ignorant suggestions such as the your protein powder contains nandrolone (riiiiiight) or that a high protein diet is the cause.

I once had a doctor, never went back to of course, who diagnosed my then-abnormally low body temperature to kidney disease caused by high protein diet. No blood test of course – and no kidney disease either – but to her protien is just a demon and therefore is the obvious answer to any illness of a person on such a diet. The suggestions your doctors are making aren’t much if any better.