Steroids - Help?

I’m going to be blunt. I’ve been researching steroids for a year now, and I’ve made the decision to try a cycle. I’ve spoken to a doctor who will montor me. I’ve found sources to purchase them from (although perhaps you guys know if online mail orders are better?). I even know the time peroid that I’ll do it in. The next thing is that although several people at my gym have suggested Deca and Winstrol and ect… I was wondering if anyone her who has used them, knows of a good stack (or perhaps just one drug alone) that is good for a bigginner user. I’m doing it for sports and I’m not sure if their are any specific drugs that are better in a sports specific way. Can anyone help my out…? I’ve heard of deca-dick (don’t want it) I can deal with my nuts shrinking, but I don’t wanna become impantent - do any of you guys know the best way to avoid that? and I don’t want bitch-tits either - anyone know how to avoid that? Well any help would be extremely appreciated.


dude i am going to be blunt with you if you are using for sports go with d-bol tren and a little test thats all you need. dont use deca it sucks balls and stay away from that new methyl-1-test crap it suck also. stick to d-bol, tren and maybe some test. educate yourself. and make sure when you decide to do a cycle that your lifestyle is ready for a cycle. everything must be in order food, training, post cycle (nolva, clomid, ect)…big martin

This guy doesn’t even know how to avoid gynecomastia. I really don’t think he’s done researching and I don’t think anyone should be recommending cycles to him at this point. Lots of info here in T-mag. Get started with that… Cy Willson has had a few articles recently, one of which directly answers the question you posed first.

I think winstrol and trenbolone would be a good combo for sports. The only problem is, you have to shoot them both every other day. They are good for staying lean while gaining size and strength. If you want to avoid shooting a lot, you could use oral winstrol at about 25 mgs a day and a moderate dose of test enanthate maybe 400-600 mg shot once per week, or you can take anavar with the winny if you have the connection to get it. I would advise short cycles if you plan to use orals; maybe six weeks or less.

Do some more research.

I haven’t even been researching AAS for a full year and know the answers to those questions. If you’ve really have been “researching for a year” you should know the answers already and should be posting a proposed cycle and asking for opinions. Not “I don’t want bitch-tits either - anyone know how to avoid that?”
There is a ton of helpful info(articles and previous posts) that will get you on the right path. Read them and then post a clearer question. Search for “Steriods for Dummies” that’s what I began with and that should get you started.

Keep reading bro,

snowman all I gotta say is you will get torn apart when more people start reading this post so brace yourself. P-dog (a.k.a. nasty nate) will make you his bitch and you will have no squirrel master to help you.

bosshog speaks from experience.

I was noticed that your profile says you have only been training a year. Could you tell me how much size/ weight of lean muscle you have gained naturally in this past year and what your diet and workout routine is like?
I can’t help you unless you respond.

Forget about how long he’s been training its taken me a year to really begin to understand STEROIDS! And I said ‘BEGIN’!!

there’s no way he’s been “researching” for a year. He doesn’t know shit.

What is your age John? How do you eat? How do you train? If you want the guys here to help you need to give more information. But I do agree with the others that is sounds like you really don’t know as much as you think you know, or would like us to think you know.

try frontloading 2000mg of deca followed by 12 weeks of deca at 1000mg a week stacked with anadrol at 150mg a day for the first 8 weeks. after the 12 weeks of deca at 1000mg is done taper down to 200mg a week over the next 6 weeks and use 1000mg of sustanon for those six weeks to make combat your supression. you will get outstanding results :slight_smile:

Hey, I appreciate all of the responses. Even the criticism. It’s the only way I’ll learn. To answer some of the questiosn. Or to start off with when I said I’ve been researching for a year, I meant I’ve been contemplating and just generally considering roids for a year. I only recently decided to do it a 100%
About my eating: I’m eating approx. 4000+ calories a day. Most of that being protein and complex carbs… (basically bacon and eggs for breakfast 4 tuna sandwiches for lunch, steak chicken "or whatever mom puts on the plate for dinner, another 2 tuna/or turkey sandwhiches for a snack nad then random snacks and lots of protein shakes) (feel free to give me ideas on perhaps a better eating plan) the next thing is my routine. Someone asked how much i’ve gained on my own from the last year of training.
Well I’ve been on a few different routines. I started off with a three day routine (back and bi’s, chest and tri’s, legs and shoulders) that worked for a while, I learnt a lot in this 5 month time peroid, (tried creatine and glutamine) to shorten all this I’m now on a more sports specific routine (power cleans/snatches etc…) i work out 4 days a week (not including sports i play on the side) and I’ve gained about 24-26 lbs since last year. So i now way like 185… I need to get much bigger, i need to stay fast (get faster) and i know my only chance to get where I need is to do what everyone else is doing. And so for those of you whom I offened with my lack of knowledge on the topic, i apologize, i’m just trying to learn. any more advice would be appreciated.

that was a very mature post…i think the first thing these guys will tell you is to read every steroid article on this site that you can, and then when you have some beter ideas and understanding of drug use they will help you, i was in your shoes not to long ago as this fall i did my first cycles with the help of these guys and reading everything i could get my hands on…also what sports do you play…big martin

How tall are you? Check out all the articles here by Brock Strasser and Cy Wilson. Don’t even think about starting until you’re sure you know everything. Post your cycle for us before you start, so we can give you pointers. I am always baffled by the numbnuts that I meet that seem to think they know everything about juicing. Don’t listen to the media, the rumors, or the most of the juicers at your gym.

With posters like Snipeout it’s a miracle that anyone takes this forum seriously.

Back to the topic, Snowman you really should get your knowledge up to the point where you can submit your own proposed cycle including ancillaries during and post. That way you will better understand the how’s and why’s of responses.

I’ve been training for 3 months now. I’m about 5’2" and 96 lbs. I’m going to do the following stack:

50mg d-bol daily
2000mg test euth a week
600mg deca/week
300mg tren/day

I’m going to run this for 24 weeks then follow up with dessicated beef liver tablets and amino chewables post cycle. What do you all think?

Snowman, you said you wanted to do a cycle to be better in sports. What sports and level of competition are you talking about and how old are you?

Hey, thanks again for responding. To answer more questions I’m 17, 6’2 and 185 lbs. I play football, i’m a QB for my highschool team, but I’m not looking to play QB in the NCAA if I can get there… I want to play tightend and so I need to get my weight up there (and I hope to grow another inch or two). I was hoping to get up to 220 lbs by next year. My upper body is thicker than my lower body right now, b/c when I started working out I was stupid and didn’t work my legs as much as I should have. Now I’m trying to catch up, and I’m hoping with a cycle I could speed up the “catching up” process, as well as excell in all other areas of my body.
As far as a proposed cycle goes:
Big Martin, you sugguested:

and some test

but how would I go about taking it, like how much mg a week? and would i take it on a four day schedule? I really don’t know, the guys at my gym say take 1 cc of deca every four days, but you guys are totally against that so what would be a better way of getting around that?
About avoiding gynecomastia (or what I called bitch-tits) can anyone give me links to articles about that. I have to say I’m not to good at finding the articles on this website…

Thanks again