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Steroids Got My Hopes Down


Well i just started working about 2 or 3 months ago and i've seen great progress and im so happy how my physique is turning out to be great. I was extremely skinny and now im looking better than i have ever been. I always looked up to big Bodybuilders like Arnold or Ferrigno as their bodies inspired me.. but i recently found out to look anywhere near them you need to take steroids. I mean i dont have anything against it but i just wouldnt that ever. So im here thinking that im not going to get that godly physique i desire so much =.


Of course you can achieve a physique at that level without help. That guy's not really all that big. The wide, tall pec structure makes him look a lot bigger than he really is.

You can have the gay facial expression, too. Just always look like you smell cookies.


T NATION isnt your emo diary.


shit, grow up. so the road is gonna be difficult, you gonna quit now?


Quitting lifting will make your life much less painful


I really hope you're a troll.


I used to have a Camaro, and I knew without serious mods that were beyond my budget and ability it would never be as fast as a Ferrari.

Big fuckin whoop, I drove the hell out of it anyway. That's what you gotta do brother.


Better quit. A defeatist attitude like yours will lead to failure in every facet of life.

Better ride the lead train to brain town.


How's'about you try to get as developed as Bobby Pandour in 1910, and then try recommencing the pity party. M'kay?

By the way, as if it could possibly matter, what's your current height and weight?





The human body doesn't require steroids to build muscle. It's just not as easy. The physique you desire is possible with regular training; however, it requires years of dedication. If you don't want it don't do it. If you do....do.


I'm assuming your new and havent read the countless training & progress logs of the big natural guys on here. Screw that, i'm hoping your new; otherwise you picked the wrong sport.

Take a teaspoonful of cement.


Hopefully a troll. Otherwise, you're only 2-3 months into the iron game and already making excuses. Not a good start.


@Daze: so you wanna be like Arnold. That is a really great goal. What can you do: bust your ass in the gym like Arnold day in and out for years with the laser focus intensity and desire like its your only meaning of life. Do this and dont mind the roids.


Arnie/Ferrigno physique without juice? Bollocks.

Also, the OP never suggested quitting. He's just disappointed now that he's found out that his body can't look like a bunch of watermelons in pantyhose without injecting Mexican veterinary testosterone in his glutes and swallowing handfuls of Dianbol that some guy in the gym said he got from Pakistan.


mate, you dont need steroids. Steroids are just a way of artificially increasing your testosterone levels. (read up on it)! in other words, yes you can look like that, but you're gonna have to bust your ass day in day out for the next 10-15 yrs and have a ridiculously good diet. in addition to having an expert knowledge of the iron game. I suggest you get reading and improve your attitude. I mean that in the best possible way and i hope you dont get even more disheartened but like the other have said if your feeling like that now you havent even got a chance of looking like a mens health model never mind Arnie!


Hey fatty. Pipe down. Adults are talking.


People need to quiet down with all the "you can look like Arnold talk".

Fuck, NO YOU CANT. This is real life, not some bullshit motivational speaking seminar for a kindergarten class.

The truth is that 99.9% of people WHO USE STEROIDS will NEVER look like Arnold. 100% of people who dont use steroids will never look like Arnold. The ignorance is amazing and sad.


I would echo what BONER217 is saying here.

There must be thousands upon thousands of guys that have trained with Arnold's exact routine, eaten a perfect diet, done a sensible and well calculated cycle of anabolics, some probably were even of similar height and structure, and yet who has achieved a physique like Arnold's? Much less as a teenager or in their early 20s?

A handful of world-class professional bodybuilders maybe, and that's over the last 30 years combined.

Having said that, great things are achievable drug-free (see Jeff Willett, and many of the lifetime natural bodybuilders that looked incredible and won national titles during the 80s... fuck, look at BodySpace and browse for a while and see how many guys are proud all-natural bodybuilders that look ridiculously good).

Nothing is possible with endless excuses and self-limitation, though.


you trust people on bodyspace ?? I kno for a fact most of them are or have been on multiple cycles. They still think prohormone is a supplement lol. one guy there with the id naturalgraham has been juicing since he was 19 but apparently he stopped using it so he is "100% natty" now....

focus on strength bro, great gains can be made even by average people because of neurological adaptation. Check out how much the real old timers lifted all natural. The way your muscles look is completely genetic and u cant do shit about it