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Steroids From a US Pharmacy


I recently was able to obtain legal steroids from Lowens Pharmacy from my HRT clinic. I got 25 mg pills of compounded oxandrolone (anavar). It was delivered fed ex in a perscription container with the pharmacy name and my name on it. My question : Can I be pretty certain these meds are real and not fakes??

I’d be cautious, many US pharmacies have a tendency to replace some of their more expensive compounds with something less expensive in order to make more money. In many cases what you may infact be getting instead of anavar is diluted anadrol. I have heard this frequently happens at Savon in particular, stay away from them.

It says oxandrolone on the perscription bottle. Is this still a possibility?

I’m not sure where this Anadrol instead of Anavar info is coming from, but I find that VERY hard to believe. If you get a legal script from a Dr. ( Which I assume you did ) and went to a legitimate pharmacy ( Which I assume you did ) you can be 99% sure that you got exactly what you were supposed to get.

It would be just like bringing in a script for antibiotics, or asthma medication. The anabolics are legal, and therefore just as safe.

The products were ordered from my HRT clinic, South Beach Rejuvenation. They are filled at Lowens pharmacy in New York and Mailed fed ex. I believe many HRT clinics do this the same way. So you believe these products are safe and what they say they are?

sorry guys, i thought the thread starter posted this as a joke… why would the stuff be fake if you have a prescription for it and its coming to you legally from a legit pharmacy?

No I did not start this as a joke. There are a lot of very smart people on this board, and when all I have to do is ask for info, I dont mind doing so. Thanks to those who have replied.

If they came from a US Pharmacy, I would imagine you are good. They may be a bit underdosed, as anavar is an expensive durg, but I would think they are real

Is it correct that compounding pharmacies can sell drugs for cheaper that large pharmacies by buying powder in bulk and compunding themselves?