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"Steroids Forever" Article

@unreal24278 I found this article yesterday and figured I’d post it to watch ur skin crawl😂


Jesus… fucking… Christ… this reminds me of Pete gyrmkowski… supposedly used 10000mg per DAY near comp, stayed on at least 500mg weekly corn 17+ years… he had a slew of myocardial infarctions in his 50s if I recall correctly… but is still alive

One must remember we have genetic anomalies in this world… Ozzy Osbourne has probably taken more drugs than everyone on this forum… combined… then double that… triple that and quadruple that! He’s still alive

Data indicates cardiac alterations occur within AAS users, rodent models demonstrate the development of cardiac pathology (however if you view some of my previous posts I go on why rodent/animal models are flawed)… look, this guy WILL die within the next 10-20 years… total cholesterol of 900, HDL of 2, how’s fucking irresponsible can you be… Jesus Christ… people with familial hypercholesterolemia (severe) with total cholesterol’s of 900-1000 typically die in their early 20s… that being said, the effect on cardiac size, when accompanied with sub-clinical cardiac dysfunction… who knows what the long term impact would be, id think as one gets older, reaches their 50s, 60s etc it’d prove to be a silent killer

As to the studies/data indicating profound cardiac dysfunction (many studies have 1-5 individuals within the box plot meeting the criteria for CHF)… that’ll def cause one to drop dead. The sheer extent of the risk is unknown, and compounds used will certainly determine the risk… there’s a HUGE difference between say… primobolan and trenbolone in terms of long term risk… one meta analysis (yes, flawed body of study, but it’s the best we have) found a 3x higher mortality rate within AAS users v general populace (also like a 10x higher incarceration rate if I recall correctly lol)… users were 3x more likely to develop arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy etc… granted a casual correlation can’t be made out from this, but given the mechanisms by which AAS have the potential to induce these ailments one can think (barring lifestyle choices, rec drugs etc) AAS probably play a large role regarding the study outcome…

Other studies show between 6-20 fold higher mortality rates, however the study showcasing 20x higher mortality rates was amongst prison inmates ignored I recall correctly, many causes of death weren’t steroid related lol… the 6x higher mortality rate study had a disproportionately small body of users (prior professional powerlifters SUSPECTED to (but almost certainly did) have used anabolic steroids)… another study when results were re calibrated didn’t find a particularly higher mortality rate

I eer on the side of caution, data empirically demonstrates there is cause to be very concerned… keep the doses low, avoid tren/ winny/sdrol (even then, winny used very briefly once or twice is better than tren lol)… avoid cocaine and anabolic steroids, avoid booze if possible (specifically cocaine/crack, methamphetamine and booze are the three I think cause the most trouble when combined with AAS…)… but these compounds specified are also some of the most harmful when used alone too… it irritates me how casually so many seem to talk about cocaine use “ahh I just had a few lines with the mates last weekend”… hnnnrrgghhhh, 90% of people who use wouldn’t touch coke if they knew the potential cardiac rammifications… if they know and still decide to indulge all the more power too them, but when use becomes problematic the downfall is quick, swift and painful unless you’re incredibly rich… have great healthcare etc

Wow man so much good information there. Thanks man! I’ve learned a lot through your posts. Yeah idk how that dudes still alive, literally just stayed on a cycle for thirty fucking years like wtf lol

Also after reading a lot of your posts I’m going to be much more careful in the future. Luckily I am sober. I don’t drink or do drugs of any kind(other then aas). BUT I do smoke (cigs) occasionally. I am quitting that come this next bulk(so that I can eat instead of smoke lol) .

But yeah man I really appreciate all the stuff you post on here :muscle::muscle::facepunch::facepunch:

Cigarettes aren’t good for you, the risk for myocardial infarction roughly doubles from 1/day, aortic aneurism (both of these risks are elevated on AAS) roughly triples 1 cig/day… cigarettes exert a net vasoconstrictory effect for a few hours post use… however arterial stiffening, endothelial dysfunction etc lasts a few months/ years (and develops from prolonged use)… I don’t reccomend cigarettes, they damage just about every type of cell and organ in the body, however that being said the damage induced is typically from chronic, repeated use… acutely they’re not particularly dangerous, thus I wouldn’t think a cigarette every month on a special occasion would be particularly detrimental to the young individual… that being said I don’t reccomend it, cannabis is more entertaining (but appears to elicit a net, mild/subclinical negative impact on cardiac morphology and function when used more than 1x weekly (hence why I’ve actually cut my use down dramatically)… mixing cannabis with tobacco isn’t any better than smoking cigarettes btw, if anything it’s worse in my opinion (can highlight why if you wish), has to do with cilia paralysis induced by tobacco and thus inability to filter out toxins contained in tobacco smoke (cannabis doesn’t appear to paralyse cilia the same way tobacco does)

Bottom line… don’t smoke anything… my phone died so I’m going to continue writing in this second portion of my post

Both tobacco and cannabis induce neurological dysregulation, particularly tobacco in terms of dopamine receptor downregulation. Each time one smokes a cigarette, pleasurable neurotransmitters (eg dopamine) are released en mass… hence why a new/occasional cigarette smoker (if they can get past the awful throat punchy effect) will feel relaxed, calm and perhaps even have a bit of a buzz from smoking a cigarette… repeated exposure downregulates D receptors (probably all subtypes), thus the user now needs nicotine just to feel normal again.

Cannabis has risks too, psychiatric, cardiac (mild though) risks exist, as does the risk of injury of oUt in public (when highly impaired).

Everyone knows “darts are bad for you”… but not everyone knows why, they think “lung cancer”… and that’s about it, and given most teenagers think “why would I care now about an elevated risk of lung cancer”… they don’t realise cigarettes induce many, many, MANY other co momorbidities… similar to amphetamine (unmethylated counterpart), cigarettes are probably riskier than say… downers (aside from booze) when combined with AAS. The truth is, you probably shouldn’t be using anything if you’re megadosing AAS, but as humans experimentation does tend to be within our nature. Certain combinations are far more dangerous (even when done in occasion)… I’m not going to reccomend “what to use on a night out”, that would be irresponsible and I don’t condone recreational drug use, it needs to be an individually tailored decision

@SkyzykS had a myocardial infarction from cigarettes, absent of AAS use… in his 40s! Know the risk is real, and it does exist… whether this pertains to an occasional dart on a night out I don’t know… but given just how addictive tobacco tends to be, can you really expect to keep it that way?

Literature shows that in a certain cohort of young kids, nicotinic receptors are so receptive to nicotine that the FIRST drag of a cigarette saturates the receptor entirely for months, and when the effect wears off withdrawal symptoms may occur, hinting that simply one cigarette in young individuals predisposed may be enough to induce addiction… that’s pretty fucked up… I’ve had genetic testing done and know from familial history that I’m not particularly prone to tobacco addiction…

I harbour all the genes associated with alcoholism, but appear to not be prone to tobacco addiction… my grandma (now 95) smoked 1 pack + daily for 35 years, but was able to stop cold turkey without any withdrawal symptoms (smoked due to culture at the time, husband smoked etc), same goes with my other grandma… so #goodgenes… doesn’t mean I should start sparking up though, just because one isn’t predisposed to addiction doesn’t mean one can’t get addicted… just as an individual with ADHD can still get addicted to methamphetamine, it just takes somewhat longer for dependence to form

True, but both me and Mike O’hearn are the only documented natural producers of tren on earth.


You’re tren concentration is 1000ng/dl, equivalent of 5000ng/dl test…


Mike was born with a genetic mutation, his testis are composed of finaplix pellets… it’s a condition called fakenattyitis


Me and O’Hearn share some lineage. I have O’Farrell in my blood line, so we’re both from the same island.

I once hit a nail so hard that with one smack I built a whole fucking house!