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Steroids for Women?


There is a thread over on our sister site that is discussing steroids for women.

Was anavar and winstrol developed for women?

I also thought this was an interesting post by SirenSongWoman



your thread has been trolled hardcore, and if the thread is allowed to live, it shall forever be a raging scene of hate and disagreements


no noooooo it isn't my thread.

It was a thread I was reading over there.

and that SeaSirenWoman has posted on here a few times, most recently I remember she was not a fan of one of the Atomic Dog articles.

but you are probably right in regards to the disagreements. There is no way that woman is going to listen to any informed, and well thought posts from you folks.


Winstrol would not be the best choice for women if other steroids are available at a reasonable cost. That leads me to believe that it wasn't specifically designed for women. Of course I could be wrong.


Anavar and Winstrol were not developed specifically for women, however, women like to use them for several reasons.

They have a high anabolic to androgenic ratio, meaning your muscles get harder without most of the masculinizing side effects.

They are both orals, so the needle-phobic don't have to pin themselves.

They can be a bit harsh on the liver, but they don't cause stomach aches like oral Dianabol. Although Winstrol sometimes causes your joints to ache.

I think Anavar is still prescribed to combat the muscle wasting effects of HIV.


No, you're absolutely right. There is a very strong chance that winnie will cause masculinizing sides in women.

Female aas usage can be debated, but afaik, var offers some of the best odds for a safe cycle with women... no guarantees though.


"SirenSongWoman" is not all that bright is she?


well she does seem to know a lot about steroids.....


It sounds to me like she's got a problem with cheating and taking "the easy way out" (yeah, right) rather than steroids in and of themselves.

"Steroids, by their very nature, are DRUGS (illegal, at that) and the people who regularly use them are no better than meth or crack heads."

Really? Fully functioning members of society who use gear are placed in the same category as crack/meth heads; people who will lie, cheat, hurt, steal, kill(?) for a fix? GTFO.

I have a problem with people who say steroids are bad because they're drugs if they've ever used tylenol, advil, etc...


it could be worse, they could be putting creatine in their socks, don't even get her started on that


Sometimes I forget how stupid people are. Thanks for bringing this up and reminding me OG.


Creatine in their socks? What the hell good is THAT?


It's no good at all. The only way that works is if the person also soaks their balls in fish oil. Sucks for the ladies I guess...




That thread is made of win. LOL.


Not as good as rectal administration.


Whatever you say, pal. I'll take your word for it.


Don't let this happen to you!


It's kinda funny that now that some folks have posted over there, it is one of the most viewed threads.


hahahah @ that steroid poster. For some reason them pointing out "baldness" was hilarious to me b/c it's obvious the guy shaves his head, he's not really "bald".

I hope sirensongwoman doesn't pull a boxingash and go all anti-steroid expert on us after she sees this thread.