Steroids for Unequal Development?

This is a really legit question and I am very curious. Theres this guy at my gym, and he is the weirdest looking person I have seen in a while. He has hugely developed biceps, and completely ripped abs, his shoulders arn’t to bad either. He has an extremely narrow torso, no pecs and tiny tiny stick legs (I think his arms are actually bigger). Hes shredded so I assume hes not doing sight injections.

I only see him work his over exaggerated parts. From my understanding is that the body doesn’t like to get that unbalanced.

My question is, are steroids something that can help someone drive their out of such unequal symmetry? Is this something people have to be careful about when they are on cycles? Is it possible to get that way through dedicated stupidity?

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There are a couple of clowns like that at every gym. Like Bushy said it’s the result of poor training. They focus on their strengths and ignore their weaknesses, which just exacerbates the imbalances further. What makes me laugh every time is that these guys are always wearing shorts with their spaghetti strap tank tops. You’d think they’d have the sense to keep their chopstick legs covered…then again, you think they’d have the sense to train properly!

It’s a workout and programming problem. Some people where I work out only do squats…and nothing else. Decent development of the legs, but their upper bodies resemble a concentration camp victim.

OTOS there are guys who only do bench. Big chests and tiny arms. Looks weird but to each its own.

I don’t buy that theory that the body will try to maintain balance. It will adapt to whatever stress you put it into. Now that doesn’t mean the persons will not get injured. They do, but it takes years for a healthy body to get imbalanced enought to cause structual integrity to the joints.