Steroids for Strength Only - Cy's Article

I liked Cy’s article this week. I think it assumed the user’s preference is to get hyooge. While that’s probably most of you, I’d like to hear about cycles that focus on strength while adding some weight and cycles that focus on strength while adding very little or no weight.
I think for strength I like Eq, Test, Var and Halo. I use 600mg/week of total steroid as my limit.
If I’m not trying to gain any weight I like Eq/Test at 250mg/week each for 3 weeks. I then drop test and go to Eq 250/wk and var 280/week (40/day) for 3 weeks. Just before an event (say a fight) I like to drop var and add halo for one week at 140mg/wk (20mg/day) and a little suspension before the bout.
Of course diet is just enough carbs to train optimally, good fats and lean protein. Sport practice is whatever that time of year dictates, Weight training is focused on west side methods, CT’s methods and conditioning John Davies/Mike Mahler style trying to match the energy system of the sport. A lot of guys like winny but every time I try it I get joint pain. I’ve tried tren but find Eq to help with endurance and prefer that side effect. Any input out there?? I know there are athletes and MMA guys who have ideas about this. Maybe some powerlifters who stay in a weight class?

I would try tren on its own as a change. Eq is good though because it has the supposed added benefit of helping with collogen synthesis and is not a short acting ester so your not having to stick your thighs etc and turn em into a pin cushion right before a fight… I’ve always used tren though, seems like it makes me strong enough, gives me endurance and super quick recovery, and as aggresive as I like to be. Plus I get extremely game when I am on it… I’ve always used it with winny but if I had the same goals I would try it alone. Just my thoughts.

tren on its own at 50mg per day got me strong as fuck!!!

TREN RULES-that is all

Please excuse my ignorance but what is var?

Racked my brain and can’t figure out what it could be but at 40/day guessing its an oral.

Very interesting to hear what you do for precontest prep. as I am a MMA too. What sort of strength increases would you expect to see from such a cycle? Do you struggle to avoid overeating whilst on the Eq?


My guess would that var = Anavar

Sorry about that. Var = Anavar = oxandrolone.

I don’t really struggle with overtraining on Eq. I try to manage this with diet and training strategies.
Strength increases seen?? That depends on where you are now, on how much weight you are allowed to gain or cut and your training. The main thing I’m going for is strength to body weight and conditioning for the fight. If I train a lot of west side/CT methods (nervous system stuff) I do very well. If I’m focused on conditioning I still do well but my goals are different.

I loved tren when I didn’t care about my weight. Nothing gets you big and strong like tren and test. I just liked Eq before a match. I should give tren another shot.

hi evry1
i also want to now what is the best
cycle for strenght only without an increse of body weight.plese give me
the full name of the roids becuse i dont now the short version!
p-s:soory on my english.
i also want to point out that i need some thing that dont stay in the body for long becuse i do have drug tests!

when Ive used tren by itself or even tren and winny I haven’t added weight, but I didn’t overeat either.