Steroids for Sprinter?

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Long back story but I do a bit of part time sprinting and tore my hamstring badly last year and to everyone surprise I’m healed up enough to run. The biggest complaint is end of March is done no sprint specific training and am wondering if there’s a cycle worth running? Or any advice, need to be strong lean and fast!

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Are you just recreational sprinting?

Not… winstrol

Many athletes who train anaerobically will take this for improved speed, power with minimal weight gain… it works… but then they end up tearing something…

Ben Johnson even stated he didn’t like stanozolol as it made him cramp up

Very amateur level. It’s on the beach as part of lifesaving

I don’t think the risks of a cycle are worth what you are trying to achieve. Do you regularly lift weights? If not, you will only benefit while on cycle, then revert back to your old self (possibly a bit worse if your HTPA doesn’t fully recover).

hGH plus mild DHT-derivatives

I do weight training often💪. But been abit different to how I wanted to train with the injury. All clear now

And an idea of dosage? Or what info would be needed to calculate

A cycle is only worth it IMO, if you are in it for the long haul. Have you been consistently lifting for a couple years? Putting a few years in gives a good indication that you will stick to it long term. AAS have negatives, and if one takes them, doesn’t know how to train, then reverts back to where they were before the cycle, I just don’t see a point to it.

ehhh?? gear really not necessary. Just do the lower body day with box jumps in template below and/or a lot of hill sprints…

Yup in it for the long haul. Have been lifting for years, and doing years of speed specific training and strength training. I’m never going to be a pro as it’s not a pro sport, but would like to give it as full a go as possivle

Thanks! Will give it a go

I agree with @RampantBadger on this one. Based on what you have provided, I think a proper training protocol should serve you well.

I take the view that AAS is serious business, and should be taken only after serious consideration. To me it doesn’t seem that you have done the research work to the extent you should (I could be wrong here, I really don’t know much about you). Additionally, AAS is going to help much more for a sport like BBing or Powerlifting compared to sprinting. Don’t get me wrong it will help for sprinting. I just have a hard time justifying use for rec. sprinting on the beach.

If you want help more with lifting goals, post your stats, and maybe a faceless pic. That will help with determining where you are at development wise. Keep in mind that many sprinters are very strong. You should be able to gain a bunch of that strength natty. Once you are getting to good strength numbers, then maybe reconsider.

Look up Ben Johnson’s training. The dude was like 165, at ~5’9", and could bench 450, and squat around 700 lbs. I am not saying you need to get to those numbers, but if you are at 200, and 300, you can get much better without AAS. Again, I don’t know where you are with your lifting. If your numbers are very good, maybe AAS is for you. If not, spend some more time natty.