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Steroids for Speed

Why are people taking steroids for speed?


Numerous 100 meter athletes(quick burst) have tested positive for Winstrol. You will gain a bit of weight as with any anabolic, but you will get cut up like a ginsu knife and you will feel the burst.

I also play a sport in which quick burst is crucial w/ loose drug testing, and when on Winstrol, can feel that burst. Do a good amount of speed training on win and you will start to feel that burst ur looking for. Don’t stack it b/c then u will strt adding on unwanted lbs. try the win bro

A small dose stack of Testosterone and EQ (Equipoise).

Unless you can get your hands on some EPO (erythropoietin).

As to the above poster’s Winstrol recommendation, I strongly disagree. Winstrol will bring about muscle cramps and joint pains at high enough doses, and from personal experience I can testify no true gain in speed. The above poster’s experience seems more of a psychosomatic effect.

I agree with Contrl on this one. with the joint pain issues winstrol can bring on im not sure if that would be the right way to go. But im not a small agile athlete so i cant honestly tell you what would be best, just what i think would be and the test with EQ would be right nice

are you 130lbs on purpose? weight classes?

Bigger Faster Stronger workout program…

A low dose test cycle will give you increases across the board in almost every aspect of your training. Your diet will keep you from bulking too much if you really want to stay in the 130 range.

I have used winstrol once before, I hated it for the reasons listed above and will never use it again.

It just seems like a bad idea.

[quote]flyguy4386 wrote:
First of all, thank you for the serious and mature responses, something I never see on other boards.

I have a friend that just did a cycle of winstrol and his joints are destroyed. He complains of the joint pain to no end and suggests avoiding it as well.

There is no weight class in the sport, basically I play a sport where people shoot at each other. Being smaller allows me to play positions tighter while remaining a smaller target. I am as light as I am because I was skinnyfat for a long time and I have a thin framed body type. I have been more concentrated on burning the excess fat and at this point it is time to focus my training on raw speed.

Would you guys mind recomending any articles that you find important in learning more about all the steroids out there? It’s tough researching when I feel like I’m reading the same article over and over led to deter any steroid use while the pro sided ones have a sales pitch attached.

Another suggestion I’ve been given is taking a very low dose of dianabol which was said to increase speed with only minor weight gain.

Well I’m going to research contrl’s suggestions and again thanks to everyone for the help and respect. Thank you for any additional advice you wish to give.[/quote]

Reading the entire steroid newbie thread will give you some good information on all types of steroids.

I will give you a little help though, a dbol only cycle will not be optimal for what you are trying to acheive.

I have heard from guys with 16+ years experience that everyone is different when it comes to AAS use. Some people react really well to some substances and others get the opposite effects.

Case in point 2 guys I know; one hates it gets sides from injectable winny (just like Contrl) and uses var or primo. The other loves winnie and buys it at any price cause it agress with his body.

So what I am saying is how would someone know if the right substance is right for them if they don’t try it for themselves.

For the op maybe var or t-bol or low-dose test or winnie. One of them might do the trick. Pick one, do your research. Hit it up and post your results online so we can all learn from it.

Second the steroid newbie thread. At least read the first 8 pages or so. There are a lot of anabolic profiles in there you will find very useful. Other than that, the “Cycle Length pros and cons” thread would be useful (seond page of this forum), and the “Steroid Newbie first cycle planning” thread on the 3rd or 4th page of this forum would be helpful. Sites like mesomorphosis.com have some information as well.

On another note, I really don’t think trying to burn off fat when you’re 130 lbs is worth it. The big point being people that light look fat because they don’t have any muscle on their skeleton. It wouldn’t do much for your target profile, but extra muscle will help a LOT with speed IF you train for increasing both speed and strength. I really don’t think 10-15 extra lbs will hurt if you’re training to use them right. And you can do that naturally.

I don’t see the benefits.

[quote]flyguy4386 wrote:
You make some really good points Aragorn which is why I said I’m looking to move away from fat loss and into speed/strength increases. I just don’t want to go for the bodybuilder approach. I want as much strength from lean mass as possible. I just figured if I COULD do it faster through steroids than I was willing to take that route.[/quote]

True. I really think at your weight though, you are going to gain those 10-15 lbs pretty fast anyway (provided you’re eating for it). Your body has been forced to stay or lower its body weight for a while, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to gain that muscle.

Again though, you have to eat for it. To avoid unnecessary fat gain while gaining muscle, make sure you’re eating good clean, unprocessed foods. Pretty much as easy as that.

If you’re not gaining weight, eat more. If you’re getting a gut (highly unlikely at your weight) eat less. You will have to lose your 6 pack if you have one. That’s just a price you’ve got to be willing to pay. The point is, you won’t get really fat. Just eat clean and most of the other problems are taken care of automatically.

The thing about the bodybuilder approach is that it’s amazingly good for putting on muscle. It’s not necessarily all about isolation movements at all. It’s not necessarily bad for performance either (see Chad Waterbury’s articles on this site, or old Christian Thibaudeau articles–they’re as much performance as mass building). I’m in the same boat as you are–I want to stay in reach of a weight class and get as strong as possible.

The whole idea is that you are what you train for–you train for speed and strength, that’s how your body uses any muscle you gain. You train in slow tempo lifting, you can still get big but you also get slow.

You train in purely integrated movements (squats, clean and jerk, snatch, lunge, sprints, deadlift, bench, overhead press, strongman events, sandbag training, etc, etc), your body integrates movement patterns. You train with pure isolation techniques (preacher curls, tricep kickbacks, flyes, etc), your body does not integrate movement patterns or get faster and more agile.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that ALL isolation movements are bad or that ALL slow tempo movements are crap. I use both on occasion for specific goals. It just means that if they make up most or all of your training then you’ll lose your athletic ability. If you just focus on athletic movements and getting stronger, your muscle gets put to good use and makes you faster and more mobile.

Getting stronger by lifting heavy freakin’ weights makes you faster. And getting faster by sprinting or doing plyos or olympic lifts makes you stronger. It’s a wonderful cycle–they’re two sides of the same coin.

This site:

You’ll find a plethora of good research. Although it’s written entirely by Anthony Roberts, who tends to give a rather biased approach to some compounds. All things being equal, however, it still makes for good information.


This site is a more practical approach to AAS use, meaning it’s not so much theoretical as it is based on real-life experiences. “Testimonials” is a word that comes to mind.

You may also want to pay close attention to KSman’s posts. I find his input on things very enlightening.

what are the opinions about sarm-x,6-oxo?

Well let’s see…

Those aren’t steroids… just “legal PHs” so enjoy your side effects…

In response to the OP and with all due respect


Test is awsome for speed at high enough doses but you would of course put on a lot of weight if you are only 130lbs.

If you can get legit anavar that might be a good option. primo is another that would likely be a good choice but you may put on a bit of weight with it (likely not much though as long as the dose wasn’t too high), I doubt you would put on more than 5lbs though if dose was kept low which I doubt would make you an easier target.

I really didn’t think T-Bol was great for running because I cramped up. Same problem with D-Bol, i put on a ton of weight with it even at 10mg/d. I have very limited experience with winny but like others have said it seems to be very specific to the individual as to whether the joints are a problem.

I would go with a low dose of primo (200mg 2x/w) if I were you and maybe add in a bit of anavar if you wanted more of a strength kick without more weight (60mg/d).