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Steroids for Recovery

So I had an MRI on my back since I’ve been having on and off problems with it being tight in the morning…

Turns out I got not one but two mild bulged disc’s at l3-l4 and l4-l5 I also got one at l5-s1 but its not impinging anywhere. THe L4-L5 one also has a mild annular tear in the ligament.

I’ve stopped back squatting and was only front squatting for a couple months while I was waiting for the test and results. So this rules out my back squats and dead lifts for a while.

Doctor said avoid stressing the low back and maintain and stay fit. No heavy lifting or putting excessive weight on my low back and he wants me to start physio.

I was also wondering about doing a cycle. I was going to do one before this happened but then I got this news… Would cycling during rehab help or inhibit recovery? You hear about all these athletes juicing to help them recover would it help in my case?

Im about 5’10 195 lbs 10-12% bf. Been training for 10 years. I’ve got a solid foundation. Was able to get my Bf down to 8% at 185 lbs last year. And I’ve had a squat as heavy as 405 lbs when I weighed 220 lbs but was probably closer to 15-16% bf. My diet is a little sloppy now but far from bad. I know what it takes to get it in check and I would definetly do it before I start.

I was reading that some steroids like Deca and anavar help with collagen synthasis and would promote recovery.

There are no sources quoted but I did some digging on google on Anavar and I found a several medical journals that suggested that it does. Would taking Anavar for its collagen synthasis effects with a maintence dose of test because test aparently reduces the same effect help?



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What about the bulges? would Gh help with that?

Also as for doses… I’m guessing 2 iu a day or something along those lines? Maybe in a 5 on 2 off which seems to be pretty common amongst some people…

OK appears I misread something. Its not a mild tear in the l4-5 ligament but a tear in the disc…

Heres the actually MRI results…

[I]There is no safittal scout available and vertebral levels will be here described by using typical pattern.

Cord conus is unremarkable and lies at T12-L1 level. There is mild defenerative disc narrowing L3-4 to L5-S1 inclusive with dimished T2 disc signal likely degenerative in etiology. Vertebral body heights and marrow signal are unremarkable. Upper lumber disc levels show no stenosis or disc hernia nor nerve impingment.

At L3-4 there is minimal broad posterior osteochondral bar/disc bulge which is slightly more prominent centrally and indents the anterior thecal sac. It causes no significant central canal nor neural foraminal stenosis though it is associated with mild narrowing of the right lateral recess where the travering right l4 nerve root is abuteed but not grossly compressed. Mild facet hypertrophy contributes to this right lateral recess narrowing.

At L4-5 disc level there is a minimal broad posterior osteochondral bar/disc bulge with mild annular tear. There is no significant central canal nor neural foraminal stenosis. There is again minimal narrowing of bilateral lateral recesses where the bilateral traversing L5 nerve roots are abutted but not grossly compressed.

At the L5-S1 disc level there is a minimal central posterior disc bulge but there is no significant stenosis nor nerve impingment. There is no remarkable paravertebral soft tissue abnormality.

OPINION: Mild disc bulges at L3-4 and L4-5 result in mild lateral recess stenoses with the traversing nerve roots abutted and likely mildly impinged at these levels.

No sigificant central canal nor neural foraminal stenosis demonstrated.