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Steroids for Prematch Agresson

I’m currently lookng into the possiblty of trying a number of different compounts to ncrease my agression on match days. I play gaelic football, agression is a must!

I was wondering could i get your opinions (personal experience even) on the following:
Test suspension
Cheque drops/Mibolerone
A.N. Other?

Thanks guys.

I assume you are running an actual cycle as well?

Suspension is good. Oil based suspension (TNE) is painless, the water based hurts like hell from what I have read, I won’t try it.

Halo is supposed to be awesome. I know several guys who use it meet day.

Cheque drops are good for quick aggression but guys I know say there is a crash following so I am not sure I would use it in your situation. I have no personal experience though, so I can’t really tell you for sure.

I like 40mg of d-bol pre-workout… all of it about 30-60 minutes pre-training. Makes me very aggressive. I literally have considered fucking people up pretty bad when I do that… especially on the road, but I have always had road rage. haha I don’t think most people get that aggressive from it.

Anadrol is good too. I like 50mg pre-training. Maybe it is just me but I took 100mg all at once one time and felt like shit. Headache, would have had a nose bleed if my nose wasn’t stopped up, ect.

D-bol is cheap. Try that first.

If you can get some TNE, take 100mg about 60-90 minutes pre-game, and pop some d-bol closer to game time.

If you use halo, try 10mg to start.

Personally, I am going to try some halo + d-bol + TNE when I can, and if that works well, I will use that in meets.

Yes this would be while running a cycle.

Lack of on pitch agression has always being a stumbling block for me!

This isn’t for pre workout, but for a football match.

I’ve tried dbol pre gym workout, didnt feel agression from it.

What is TNE mate?

TNE = Testosterone no ester. It is suspension in oil. It hurts less.

Halo is good for aggression too. I have never personally used it though.

Either 100mg of TNE, or 10mg of halo before should help. The halo may give you more aggression. I felt more focused on TNE, but not really much more aggressive than when I usually used d-bol.

if you can get your hands on Cheque drops these would be the winner imo. Halo is a good choice too.

take halo a couple days before a match and you should be good.or Cheque drops the morning of.
its a roumor that Mike Tyson used Cheque drops.

just read on the sides,they are pretty harsh and see if the results outweigh the sides.