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Steroids for motivation?!?

Hi, I’ve been a long time lurker, occasional poster on the other forums.
I every 7-8 months I loose my motivation for training completely. I struggle and try to get to the gym but it all just falls apart.
I have been thinking lately -when i get to my top condition again, if I start loosing the drive again I should give a beginner cycle a go…
Do you guys use juice as a pick me up and a damn good reason not to let it all go (pretty good motivation not wasting money and stressing body with roids in vain).

hey if you dont have heart and desire taking aas is pointless.you are trying to use it as a crutch instead of a tool.you have to have the total package together before you start or atleast have no testosterone of your own.try setting a personal best of lifting lbs and progress each workout.or say you are doing to get laid.lol

Do you take a week completely off from the gym every 6-8 weeks? Do you change up your program completely every few weeks so it stays fresh? Do you completely turn it on it’s head a couple times a year to keep it interesting?

Steroids are not the answer.

if you cant motivate yourself to train, either sack up or get out of the game!

please god do not use steroids for such a lame reason.

all of you have good points. horse gave you some real good advice. although i dont use steroids as my motivation to train i must admit i train much more enthusiatically while “on”. it provides me an extra little something whenever i put that pin in or take my tabs. i have to be honest and admit my primary motivation at this age is vanity. but i do realize the benefits of health and longevity and i am sure that is what will evolve as my motivation as i age.

First, I have never done a cycle of AAS. This isn’t to say I might not do one in the future, but–

Second, I would NEVER do one for the sake of motivation. I’d prefer to have an awesome plan, great motivation, and be in pretty damned good shape before I started a cycle of AAS. This is a purely economic thing: steroids are expensive, and I’d want to get the most “bounce for the ounce”. Just like you don’t want to go out and party if you’re already tired if you’ll just pass out. Same thing.

Third, every six months I take two weeks off from training. I do some walking and bike riding and other fun, active recovery flavored stuff. Every fourth week, I cut the volume of my training in half, or start a new training cycle. You can’t progress in a linear fashion forever–you burn out. It’s much better to “overreach” your current abilites (minor overtraining), then back off, then build, overreach, and back off. Tudor Bompa knows a lot more about this than I do. Also, if you can find it, look for a book called “Consistent Winning” by Sandler and Lobstein. It’s mostly geared to distance runners, but still has a lot to offer the bodybuilder/strength trainer. I hear that “Supertraining” by Siff et al. also has some good stuff, but I wouldn’t know, BECAUSE I DIDN’T GET IT FOR CHRISTMAS.

sigh I’m not bitter.

Fourth, listen to Warhorse.

Dan “Total Ignorance of AAS” McVicker

Drago put it very well. I too have accepted that while I have trained very hard before taking steroids. I do/will train more enthusiatically when on. Furthermore, I figure as I get older my penis will hopefully let my brain start doing a little more of my thinking and I’ll emphasize the health, improved living condtions, and over all benfits of bodybuilding aside from looking so damn pretty:-)

Thank you for all the answers, I really apreciate your honesty:)
I believe my problem probably lies in the setup of my whole training plan…
Active recovery measures are probably the key here!
the reason I was thinking roids was of the fact whenever I peak and surpass my old best shape ever, my training falls apart.
“Supplementing” could have a dual positive effect.
Keeping me motivated to perform 110% on my training/diet to get the full benefit of a cycle
help me recover from possible burnout.

Don’t worry would NEVER use roids to get into shape -it’s only real purpose is to do what you could not naturally.

Thank you for getting me back on track :slight_smile: