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Steroids For Morbid Obesity

I’m not exactly the most knowledgable guy when it comes to using the juice but I had an idea. What do you think would happen if a morbidly obese person used a steroid like primobolan to lose the fat? From what I know primo is alot safer than the other 'roids out there and its great for losing fat and maintaining muscle mass.

It would probably be safer than some of the diet pills that have been used in the past and may have less complications than the various types of weight loss surgery. What do you think???

The primo wouldn’t help that much, but wouldn’t hurt. If the person was consistantly losing weight and had a solid diet then I would suggest DNP to them if they wanted to shed it faster.

It might work well for some.

As there is so much fat, T–>E aromatization will probably be big problem. And E is probably already way up, at least compared to FT.

I think that an AI would be needed for sure. And they might have gyno already and maybe a SERM might be needed for that.

A good anabolic effect will be needed to gain muscle mass which will help burn off calories and released lipids.

Syndrome X or metabolic disorder is also possible. Fish oil and other things to improve insulin sensitivity and cell wall permeability should be considered, as well as things that will improve mitochondrial function.

Thyroid levels might be bogus and should be tested. Even if thyroid levels are ‘normal’ or nicely mid-range, there may be some merit to shifting these to higher ‘optimal’ levels.

Fasting serum glucose should be checked as there may be a pre-diabetic state.