Steroids for Martial Arts/Breaking Bricks?

Which steriods? And how much of the particular steriods
for martial arts gives power at lest break bricks and break walls. Cheapest?

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Idk man. Really need more information here. What type of walls are you wanting to break?. My cycle for sheet rock is a lot different than my cycle for stucco and block walls. I’ve had my eye on a fire proof board wall cycle for a while but it’s too expensive right now.


Hate to break it to you, but Kung Fu for chinese is like angels for americans - real only in movies.
No such thing as actually breaking bricks and walls(?!) - its all movie bullshit or religious propoganda, just like beating up 10 guys at the same time, or evading knives or bullets.

Oh and yea, Bruce Lee was an actor, and not a fighter. There is almost no evidence of him being able to beat up anyone outside his seminars with untrained people.

For real martial arts, guys take test and GH for recovery, and halo for agression before a fight.
Other than these, steroids give little to none advantage in real fighting.
Leave the wall breaking to the Avengers.

Didn’t Tyson take Halo @hankthetank89 ? That’d be my suggestion too.

The UFC guys pop for Tbol, Winstrol, prolly some SARMs

Yea, i think i have heard something like that.
Anyways, steroids dont do much for fighters outside the recovery, imo.
And also, most tests are done in UFC and UFC has the least amount of money in it, so guys who train UFC fighters are rarelly good at steroid stuff. In fact, not many are good in strenght training at all.
I am sure that some chinese national swimmer girl thats 16 years of age and drugged up to the gills has a much better team than any of the UFC guys.
How do i know? Look at Overeem THEN and look at him NOW… Then ask yourself - why couldnt he just stay on TRT and actually retain most of his size… He went cold turkey because he just doesnt know better and no one helps him.


Not true, you’d be able to train more because you’ll recover faster

More training = you improve quicker. Obviously there’s a point of diminishing returns but say… Training BJJ 2x/wk isn’t as good as training 2x/day, 5 days/wk.

But thats what i said - outside the recovery factors.

But again - recovery from actual FIGHT training is not too hard. Its the physical shit that needs recovery. You shouldnt need any recovery from shadowboxing or light rolling if you are somewhat fit. There are people who work in farms and road workers - im sure one can train punches in the mirror for a few hours a day.
And also - when it comes to technique, putting in hours and hours sometimes doesnt work. I dont know if anyone has the experience but when i played music and learned songs and did drills, what many times happened was that after your brain got fried after an hour or two, you actually got slower and worse. Then you stopped, went to bed and the next morning you can play that song faster and better than you could before.
With fighting its the same - people fuck up on feet or technique many times because its just too much information. At some point your brain just gets fried and you start making mistakes which you didnt do at the beginning of a training.
I see this often in Krav Maga, when we do stress drills with 20-30 different attacks. Everyone gets fried in like 10 minutes and cant even tell a knife from a punch at some point because its just too much and its not physical - its just how brain works. Like accountants that see numbers in their eyes even when they are at home.
Steroids dont do shit for technique, but strenght and agression only goes so far.

I trully believe that fighting is relatively fair when it comes to steroid users and naturals. The benefits for steroid users in fighting often dont work because since they do steroids they also hit the gym, and when it comes to training they come in already half dead. Best fighters in the world are natural or they take something because someone told them to do it, but they cant even explain why and if they get the benefit. Fighters are very backwards people when it comes to physical eduaction, nutrition and drugs.

I don’t… Take two fighters with an equitable level of skill/endurance, same weight class… The stronger guy wins…

Take someone who doesn’t know how to fight, weighs 170lbs and maybe lifts 2x/wk recreationally… Vs a guy who doesn’t know how to fight, weights 170 and is juiced. The guy on juice will probably win if they were to get into an altercation…

Badr Hari vs Alistar Overeem, K1 years… Nope.
I am a mega fan of Ubereem when he was juiced as fuck. Sadly, he DID get fucked up by some pudgy heavyweights and by tall skinny guys on the occassion.

Take Jeff Monson - steroid monster in grappling. Not too good against some other fatsos also.

I think it depends on the type of AAS used. Sometimes AAS can induce painful muscular cramping (orals give painful pumps/cramps), others cause extensive fluid retention

Depending on what you’re using, AAS might have a detrimental impact re combat sports.

If we refer to street fighting, no rules… a barbaric, juvenile display of human carnage then I certainly think AAS use would give someone an edge.

only against non trained person…

fighting, sports or streets, have so many luck factors that some extra agression can be a benefit, but can also hurt…
you can watch Saenchai - he is the guy who is smiling and dancing in the fights. He has beaten every agressive opponent there is, with a smile and a dance.

fighting has so many different factors, and some of them are uncontrollable, like enviroment and just plain luck, etc…
steroids COULD be an edge, but then again, you can also slip and misstep and lose your teeth…
the more different factors are involved, the less each of them matters… lets say - powerlifting would benefit much more from steroids, because there are sooo much less factors needed for a display of strenght.
in fighting - best fighters also lose because there are so many factors, that being GOOD is only one of the factors, and if all the uncontrollable factors come together, best figher gets KOd in a first round by some shit bum.
Therefore steroids, even tho, an edge, statistically, could end up being only 1% edge also.

I think it’s way beyond that.

The increase in confidence and aggression, and consequent ability and willingness to pull the trigger in the moment would make a massive difference by itself, beyond the purely physiological aspects.

This effect isn’t universal though

Some become paranoid, anxious etc

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Some also become overconfident or blindly agressive. My opinion is that agression should be controled and released when counter-attacking. It should be shut off in defense and when starting the attack. Otherwise it ends up with you just swinging and wasting energy.

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Sure, but on average and especially for someone who has the mindset of a fighter genetically, I think it’s more likely to help mentally than to hinder.

TRT Vitor is a prime example, but I can think of many, many other guys.

And then there is TRT Vitor gone apeshit - Rousimar Palhares… Banned god how many times for not letting go submissions and not stopping punches after the bell… He also has good genetics but that guy is a prime example of roid rage.

Also possible the dude is just a BIT of an ass if he’s done this “god knows how many times”.

Hmm. Good old testosterone, I think.

  1. It’s cheap
  2. It’s the healthiest drug
  3. It improves bone mineral density
  4. It increases neural strength
  5. It speeds up recovery / regeneration of tissue

I would think #3-5 would be very beneficial for martial arts.

Sure there are other drugs you could do, but you said cheapest. So I think it’s your best bang for your buck.

I don’t know anything about steroids, but I do know about about being the strongest person on the mats. And the bar, for that matter.

If you’re serious about your steroids and serious about your martial arts, you should brace yourself for the outcome of getting rag-dolled, choked-out and lit the fuck up by Stan from accounting, who is unreasonably proud of his very ugly squat PR of 275 that he posted to social media. If you’re ready for that possibility I’d encourage you to pursue your steroid cycle and your martial arts training to its greatest potential.

Serious martial artists love it when some goon walks on to the mats, provided he’s actually game to spar and doesn’t act like a dickhead.

I don’t know anything about the brick-breaker guys. I’m sure steroids help with that. So do weak bricks.

Palhares was clearly born with some mental issues, let’s not pretend he was a normal guy that steroids turned into a retarded monster