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Steroids for Libido?

i want to improve my sex by taking anabolic steroids? should i stack or just take testosterone? does it feel better?

(i am a sportsman)

If that is your only purpose, you could try Proviron. That would be the mildest in terms of undesired effects (basically, none.)

This doesnt sound good.

Do you have a reduced libido or a hot date you wanna ‘destroy’? :wink:

really? why isnt this guy getting flamed? His misuse of AAS is another reason why steroids are looked down upon. If he wants to improve his sexlife (this is all the info he gave us) then he should try doing some cardio or take some arganine to get the blood movin. he shouldnt be resorting to drug use that, if used improperly can cause major harm. Dont give somone a cast when it can be fixed with a band-aid.

give us more info, otherwise im sticking with my guns on this.

have you tried porn ?

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
If that is your only purpose, you could try Proviron. That would be the mildest in terms of undesired effects (basically, none.)[/quote]

The best sex enhancement combo IMO is proviron + a SERM + Cialis + caber + high doses of maca. Non stop party and ready to re-go with some quickness

Why call that “misuse”?

What is illegitimate about that purpose?

The method I provided for him would be safe and quite likely effective. (Of course, if he is interested he should follow up on specifics. There would also be unsafe ways to use it.)

Why should I have flamed him?

It is not as if he proposed some stupid plan and then get defensive and hostile about it, or anything like that.

As for arginine and/or cardio, not much of a suggestion.

There are different mechanisms involved. If for example the problem is reduced libido, what do you think arginine is going to do for that? (Or Viagra for that matter.)

I like BR’s idea… 50mg/day proviron make me happy in pant all the time.

What I would watch out for is that, contrary to common belief, Proviron can be suppressive. I read a journal article years ago that reported very substantial LH suppression from Proviron at a mere 50 mg/day. (Well actually that is 350 mg/week so in some contexts that wouldn’t be called “mere.”)

Unfortunately it’s an article not indexed on Pubmed. It would be difficult to find again. Basically the way to find it is to try reading everything one can find from back in the 60s and 70s, as I was doing at the time.

For this reason I suggest not using it continuously. Perhaps limit oneself to say 10 days out of every 14 (mixed up any way one likes) as a max. Having only half the days using it would be more conservative.

im playing devils advocate, you say its libido, i say its ED issues, he hasnt given us much info to work with, if its libido there are probably other underlying issues that would be better suited to be taken care of by a doctor not an online site and illegal drugs. as far as i know he is not a weightlifter, he is a “sportsman” w.e that is.

he wants to improve his sex life, cardio will do wonders for a persons sexual performance, you cant deny it, arganine was just a general supplement that can be easily obtained, doesnt have to be arganine, go out and get some caffeine, or horny goat weed, it was just a general statement saying there are other things you can do besides illegal drugs. If we had more information on his specifics this his questions could be answered w/o or with little debate.

this guy has little to no experience with steroids and to help him fix his unknown problems with illegal drugs could cause him a great deal of harm.

Well, you are making things up. Neither you nor I have knowledge of the cause because he didn’t say it.

He asked what would be appropriate along a given possible line.

So sorry I answered him according to his question.

So sorry you think I could have caused him a “great deal of harm.”

However you’re wrong.

explain how i am making things up please.

i think that recomending that he take something that he doesnt need that can potentially bring him harm is a bad idea.

You’re making it up that it is non-libido-caused erectile dysfunction.

Just totally out of thin air.

You have no way to know that.

Also please tell us how Proviron used occasionally at 50 mg will cause him harm.

Particularly in comparison to a method you think appropriate for a bodybuilder to use anabolic steroids.


[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
You’re making it up that it is non-libido-caused erectile dysfunction.

Just totally out of thin air.

You have no way to know that. [/quote]

how do you know this is a libido issue, as i already stated if we had enough information this would be an easier question to answer, but reccomending illegal drugs right off the bat is a bad idea.

many reasons lead me to beleive this may cause him harm, a couple include that his source may be faulty and give him the wrong stuff, and no matter how small a dose if it screws with your endocrine system may cause damage.

Note the difference: I didn’t say that I knew and didn’t assume one thing. I answered his question along the lines he asked.

If it works, it works, that answers the question. If his problem is instead related to phosphodiesterase enzyme then it won’t.

In contrast you assumed, and announced it wasn’t libido. With no basis.

How are your reasons untrue for steroid use in bodybuilding?

Or do you flame everyone who wants to know about that?

Please provide your evidence of endocrine harm from use such as I suggested. Particularly in contrast to bb’ing steroid use.

Basically it seems to me you’re being bigoted in the sense of considering anabolic steroids okay only for the use that you like, but people falling into a different category than yourself and having different interests, you have different rules for. Why is his use, if it works for him which is entirely possible, not valid while bb’ing use is?

Also you’re really reaching in suggesting he might be given a different steroid than Proviron. Has anyone ever even heard of that happening?

Inert tablets perhaps, but not a substituted steroid. Or if that happened it would be quite a rare thing. Far less common than typical bb’ing steroids being the wrong item. So why you’re picking on this instead of bb’ing use, does not follow except from some bias of yours against his purpose.

Proviron maybe controlled, illegal? No.

I am actually in agreement of both sides to a degree.

On one hand, Proviron is known to have no inhibitive effects on the HPTA of ‘normal’ men in doses under 75-100mg/day. It is also prescribed for this very reason very commonly before TRT is used.

Not only that, but in most cases a registered doctor will prescribe a drug to see if it helps the issue in question - and re-assess in a number of days/weeks/months. This is common practice of modern-day medicine.
Proviron at the regular dose of 50mg/day will not cause him harm - and if it works, great - if not, then something else may be needed. There is nothing wrong with people using a drug that has little to no adverse side effects to gain a benefit in one area or another - for example Viagra is a drug. This is commonly used for recreational purposes as well as treating ED.
Proviron is just as ‘safe’ IMO - and as AAS users here - the advice to use this Steroid to increase libido is no stretch of morality - nor is it dangerous or reckless in anyway.

On the other hand, i wonder why his sex drive is low, what is his age and what are his medical and lifestyle histories?
I do think that some more information should be given by the OP - as just using AAS to try to increase libido may be covering up an underlying issue that needs resolving. He may be depressed, stressed, have high BP or Syndrome X.
Proviron wont hurt in these cases, but it isnt helping per se.

This is why i simply asked if he has a low libido or just wanted his to be higher than a healthy normal man?


For sure, more information would be helpful to his case.

For example if already desperately horny but he’s still problematically partially-soft, then it would make more sense to look first at one of the phosphodiesterase inhibitors (Viagra, Levitra, Cialis.)

Or there could be underlying medical issues such as diabetes.

However if I tried to extract a detailed medical history before providing a reasonable answer along the lines a person says he is looking for in each case, this would be incredibly burdensome and would bore me to tears.

Additionally, I am a real believer in diagnosis ex juvantibis, which means, learning about the problem by finding what drugs work for it, in situations where the drugs are reasonable to try.

I don’t know (simple lack of knowledge) whether Dylan is aware of it or not, but anyone familiar with these drugs would rate Proviron as the very mildest of all anabolic steroids. One could hardly give more conservative advice in anabolic steroid use than this.

On the specific question of whether he wants above-normal performance: myself I wouldn’t find that a diagnostic aid, at least without a lot more information. For example if you have a woman who likes to be banged for five hours (not absolutely continuously but the great majority of that time) you want every edge you can get. At least when you’re in your 40s you do. There doesn’t have to be a problem to want an edge.

lol, no, all ive been saying this enire time is that there may be other ways he can fix this problem, he needs to go see a doctor or tell us what the issue acually is. im picking on this guy because he seems to be just as innept as the rest of these newbs that come onto this site asking where they can buy steroids. he doesnt know anything, if this guy came on here with some facts and a solid question i probably wouldnt have flamed him. i flame all newbs equally.

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
I don’t know (simple lack of knowledge) whether Dylan is aware of it or not, but anyone familiar with these drugs would rate Proviron as the very mildest of all anabolic steroids. One could hardly give more conservative advice in anabolic steroid use than this.
it was simple lack of knowledge, i have been away at school for a while and completely out of the game, mixing up the compounds in my head. i apologise for speaking blindly.

going back to one of my previous statements, dont give somone a cast when you can fix it with a bad-aid.

good debate old man, i yeild to the of superior intellect and persistance, im hungry and have to take a dump. hopefully the next time i check back in on this thread the OP will have some info we can work with.