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Steroids for Impact Injury

Hello this is my first post on T-Nation

I am currently recovering from an injury i got while surfing about 6 months ago. I fell on a large wave and my surfboard basically karate chopped me in the back of the neck directly onto C7. I was fully paralyzed from the neck down for about 10 minutes from the impact(thank god for the guy who rescued me) but somehow managed to not break my neck. It took me three days being fully imobilized to get to the hospital (yay for third world countries) so i basically laid there totally static, no ice, no movement. That said i am very lucky, and i was recovering well but am having a hard time getting past a lot of the recovery time between PT and really need to get back into the water for both personal pleasure and for income. Most of my movement is back with the exception of some scar tissue that is surrounding the injury and i have been working hard at trying to get my muscle strength back

I crushed and partially tore the muscles and soft tissue that connect to c7 to the surrounding vertibret and my traps. I also got some nerve damage to the nerves that come out of that spot and run down the inside of my right arm (no loss of motor skills but numbness on inner arm and armpit). I have never cycled before and though the benifits of size would be a nice addition, what i really want is to recover so i do not miss the upcomming fall/winter season.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great
thank you
Egon Spangler

My doctor is very approachable because i hardly ever ask for anything but i wanted to go in with some specific drugs and dossages in mind and researched so that i could have a real conversation with him


I definetly feel for you situation. How long have you been in PT? and how much more do you have to complete. I know PT never really ends after an injury like that, but what did the doctor say as far length of time?

I have been right where you are. I had to learn how to walk again when I was 19, I still suffer from damages to my nerves in my leg. I can tell you that PT is very important and the more serious you take it the better. Now as far as using gear to speed the process, I am not wise enough to advise you on that. There are many geniuses on this page who will eventually see your post. But just a heads up you are going to need to post the following before anyone can help you…age, weight, diet, workout habits, and BF. Now if you are surfer I know you are not fat and you probably have the metabolism of a 10 year old soccer player so just make a guess and put more stats up so these guys will be able to help you.

good luck