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Steroids for Handicapped?


I have a relative who was a police officer who was shot on duty about 2 years ago. To save his life they had to cut the blood flow off to his spine and it caused paralysis to his legs. The doctor told him to pick out a wheelchair. He said, "fuck you" and picked a new doctor. He's a fighter and has been busting his ass in physical therapy and Golds. He was told that after he hits the two year mark that he's pretty much where he is going to be for the rest of his life when it comes to his handicap. He's improved a lot and can walk with braces on both legs and crutches. He knew about me roidin' in college and asked me if I thought steroids would help him. His upper body is fine and I would think since he uses his upper body for most of his support that they would help. His legs have atrophied so much and look like pencils compared to the way they once were.


He asked his doctor to put him on steroids and the doctor made him feel like an idiot for even suggesting it.

He's not on any meds now except for pain pills and muscle relaxers.

Have any of you ever heard of any handicapped persons making the most of their handicap utilizing steroids?


Tell him to keep trying until he finds a sympathetic doctor. Steroids would increase his muscle mass, and mood, and since he's been through such a bad experience, doesn't he deserve an improvement in his quality of life?


Well, as a para, I have often thought about but never took 'roids. One of these days, when properly prepared, I will. If he takes them, sure his upper body will grow and he might get some slight mucscle growth in his legs. However, the Central Nervous System will not benefit. If he is trying to use them for his upper body and some general bulking, then best of luck. If he still thinks he can "will" himself to full recovery, he needs to adjust his outlook. Gear won't heal him, make his legs more functional or make him happier.

Aug 30th will mark 20 years that I've been a para. I really can't remember what its like to walk. Even though it's a different life, your relative can still have a very full one.

Maybe 6 months after getting out of the hospital, I asked one of my docs for a prescription for some weight equipment. He told me to stretch and lift books instead. Naturually, that answer was not acceptable. If your relative has muscle goals, tell him to go for it.


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Here is a before pick. I lost over 60 lbs and may have beaten the statistic for 40% weight loss being lethal.

The EMS systems are actually paid for by insureance. All a person needs is a prescription. PM me if you have questions about paras and lifting weights. I sorta made up a system as I went along. Overcoming harrington rods in my back and a lack of balance took a little work. Also, the vast majority of my workouts are free weights. A para in the gym with weights, really confuses the patrons. They aren't sure whether to ask to help me or not... lol


Oh, I forgot to mention the pain pills and muscle relaxers. He needs to toss those out the window. The more he stretches his legs and more time that passes, the fewer spasms he will experience.

BTW, if I have not been working out for a long time and them get back into the gym. My calves are stronger if they spasm against me while being stretched. Apparently, even though they are receiving no extra work, the body chemistry changes enough for the calves to get slightly stronger too. - go figure -


Looking good bro! Keep training!


Bushidobadboy, He is in his early thirties.

No, he can walk with the assistance of leg braces and crutches. He never uses a wheelchair.

They use one of those electronic stimulators on him at physical therapy.


4est and everyone else, thnx for ur advice and comments about my post.


Wow, he is doing DAMN good then. Still dunno how much roids could help his legs, but they would def help his upper body strenght/size. Are they long braces that lock at the knee?

No matter what his ultimate prognosis becomes, a boby-builder lifestyle will keep him healthier and happier. He'll even find himself healthier than the average Joe walking around. Best of luck.


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The braces are supposed to be the newest top of the line technology. When he puts pressure down on them they lock at the knee. When he raises his foot they bend at the knee.

When he is just walking around the kitchen he can use just a cane with the braces but when he's out and about he needs the crutches.


awesome thread.


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as my avater suggest bro, i'm a lurker. i've been lurking for around a year! just trying to learn and learn before i join the dark side, you know.