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Steroids for Football

Im saying have some in the fridge , for a nightime snack 1000ca a day easy.


Big time football your staff knows when testing is , your not taking tour bench from 300 to 450 in.two years natural even at with genetics, i know a successful nfl player who gave me lowdown. When they know in two year’s you’ll be a millionaire they hook you up. You are right as for as nutrition goes were talking about an 18 year old with pussy and bench press on the brain, i went to school with a guy who did testosterone suspension and methyl test during season not div one but got huge . Out of system fast.

I get it aragorn who cares about calories if you feel like you are going to shart, during practice. I came up with guys who wouldsteal food off people’s grills , donate plasma, go on a ten can of tuna a day diet. An eat 6 bags of ramen a day, etc.

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I understand what goes on I play football at a d1 college that’s won a natty recently, and I can tell you that testing is random with a 48 notification for ncaa or shorter

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Wow. Aragorn, your two posts were extremely informative and helpful. I will begin to incorporate some of those things this week. I decided against taking steroids and will be working to gain naturally throughout the course of this year. I was thinking about cycling on creatine soon, and one of my teammates had recommended magnesium, which I think I’ll begin in a low dose. I drink a ton of milk, and my univ is down south which means I get a lot of sun year round, so I think I’ll hold off on the Calcium and D3 for now (absorption is also an issue as you stated). Your pre/post workout nutrition recommendations were information I needed more of, I’m going to look into doing some of those things. We get tons of Gatorade stuff for everything, but if I can afford it I’ll try using my own supplements like the ones you mentioned. Thanks so much for your help.

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Glad to help! This is what I do. I am currently working with a lot of fighters and olympic lifters, and in the past with D1 rowers–but you’d be surprised how much they share in terms of nutrition needs. A few other thoughts below if you’re interested.

If you’re getting sun and calcium from your diet then no worries on those. Just keep them in your “back pocket” for future use if you find yourself prone to cramping on the field or practice and extra magnesium and electrolytes aren’t helping.

I suggested Surge workout Fuel specifically because it has a TON of electrolytes in it–in fact more than I have ever seen in any NCAA department hydration packet. It also has beta alanine, citrulline, and creatine in it so it covers all those bases as well. But it is not required–I know it is more expensive than some other kinds of workout carbs you can get at Nutrition Zone and such, which don’t have the electrolytes or creatine/alanine/citrulline in them. The MOST important thing is getting liquid fuel in you BEFORE AND DURING your workouts and practices–the specific recipe matters less than doing it. That alone will help you gain strength and muscle. There are people, myself included, that will down 750+ calories in that form during workout. I suggest working up gradually as running and tackling is less friendly than weights to drinking calories while doing it!

if you want to get cheap supplement ingredients you can look elsewhere and search for “creatine bulk powder”. I know money is tight, I remember college very well. I don’t want to get in trouble with the moderators here, and I have been and remain a huge long time fan of Biotest…but one of my favorite places for all 3 ingredients is a place you “pure” athletes can “bulk” (.com) and will last you months

Creatine–no need to cycle it, or to get fancy expensive capsules or versions, they just waste money you could spend on food. Get the powder and drink it with your pre-workout carbs. 5 grams before weights and 5 grams before practices. Make sure to stay hydrated–creatine will not cause cramps but if you’re low on water or salt/potassium/magnesium you may get them a bit easier.

No need to cycle beta-alanine and you can find some in the same places for very cheap and will last you months. take 1-2 grams (you can check serving sizes elswhere) at the same time as you take creatine, and after workouts with your shake/meal as well for some extra help. Creatine you don’t need to take after workouts.

Something I should mention as well: baking soda–yes baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) helps with buffering your blood against that acidic burning feeling you get deep into training. That means you can go longer, harder, and better on the field and in the weight room…which means better practice drills and more muscle in the long run. Creatine, citrulline, and alanine do it better in my opinion, but I just sent a research paper on the subject of baking soda and performance to an athletic department dietician at a major D1 school down there.

You may be seeing that pop up at some places in the future–the big thing about it is that it isn’t a “muscle building supplement” so it is legal for athletic departments to give and recommend to their players. I would spend my personal money on the ingredients I mentioned above in bulk powder form, and just add them to whatever I was drinking.

Research says—carbs + protein during workouts has a greater effect that just carbs or just protein during workouts. More carbs than protein in your drinks though, like 2 carbs:1 protein. Ratio isn’t super important as much as doing it. Magnesium–you can take that a couple times a day, I have people take it in the last solid meal before workouts, but really what matters is getting enough per day. As I said, athletes tend to use more than normal folk.

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If they gave you a full ride at your size, then they know what you are capable of and have a plan. Which probably means red shirt year, and maybe it takes you 2-3 years to pack on some size and then you still have 2-3 years for playing time which is fantastic.

Smash food, take what supplements you can afford, listen to your strength coach, study film, get lots of sleep, enjoy your buddies, study in class and take advantage of a free education, and just savor this experience from start to finish. Not many folks get to compete as a D1 athlete…it is a priceless experience from experiences as both a player and coach.

The Program…Lattimer, Place at the Table…ahh that is my era, got lots of good lifts motivated by that film!


If you really want to take orals look into Halotestin, many powerlifters can vouch for this oral, many use it and its undetectable since it leaves your body the same day you take it, has the strongest strength gains out of any oral and also gives you some ferocity, the stuff is hard to find though so make sure you are getting legit stuff.

It’s easy to find Orals and no ester text that clear quick usually it’s AI and serms that get people popped

Aragorn gave you all you need really.

Get plenty of lean beef in the diet most days

Sleep: go to bed really early and get 9-10 hours sleep 5+ days a week. At your age this alone can give insane results.

For me I would say one day a week get absolutely filthy/go buckwild with calories till you hit say 185…

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