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Steroids for Females

Does anyone have a legitimate information source for Andriol for a female? My friend is a female who has done primobolan (50-100 cc’s/week)and is wondering what else is safe… The only real safe one i thought was primo or winni… Any suggestions?

Try researching anavar(oxandrolone). It is only slightly androgenic and I noticed minimal side effects. Make sure she reads up it before she takes it.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Don’t bother with andriol IMO. She will need to take a LOT for minimal absorbtion, which will cost a lotof money. You might as well give her a shot of test cyp each week. But I would steer clear of test, and have her look at anavar and/or primobolan.[/quote]

You guys were right… I was thinkng Anavar but put andriol… Thanks, i remember reading years ago anavar was made for women and children, thanks, And i do have a legit source (cheap too). Thanks to all for the quick responses!

Well, you know, Dianabol and Anadrol were made with intention of use by women and children also: and Anadrol is still used medically for women. So that is not a be-all and end-all evaluation of the safety.

Some women suffer severe virilization with oxandrolone at 20 mg/day. I don’t know what the lower limit for the most sensitive is but would not be surprised if effects are possible at 10 mg or even possibly 5.

Some women just don’t need much to push them over the edge. I just wouldn’t want it to appear that this is risk-free, as it might sound above though you probably did not mean it that way.

Yeah, Bill, and i actually read your site a number of times for other questions! It’s cool you took time to respond… As far as safe, i dont think any of the roid’s are entirely safe, but niether are the friggin’ estrogens Dr.s prescribe for birth control, menopause, etc…

But if a female wishes to do the juice, i would recommend the milder “less risky” types. And shit, I’ve only done Anadrol 2 times for 3 week cycles in 15 years my damn self!!! But again, i talk in laymen’s terms but think in scientific reality! Thanks again for your input… Oh, what about turanabol, for males or females?

I don’t have experience with Turinabol so really can’t say. However, the female East German athletes got virilized by it so I wouldn’t tend to think that it’s capable of being taken at much dosage by females.