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Steroids for Females?


i competed in my first figure competition this past may and looking to compete in figure long term. for the may competition i was 109lbs, 10% bf. im 5'6" and 24yo. ive been putting in the work as far as diet and exercise goes and i work with a trainer. however, i have a very hard time putting on mass and have only put on a few pounds of muscle over the past several months.

it's frustrating busting my ASS and not seeing the kind of muscle development i want. im interested in trying HGH and some combination of steroids. my trainer doesnt have any knowledge about steroid use for women. i'm wondering if anyone has trained or knows any females that have used steroids. im interested in what types of steroids theyve used and what the dosage and cycling looked like as well as what kind of results theyve had. ive looked at the main threads addressing steroid use for newbies, but obviously the dosage and types of roids are going to have to be different for women. thanks so much for any help you can give me! xoxo




run a search for "steroid cycle female" there are more threads.


thanks for trying to help bonez217 :slight_smile: unfortunately the threads get pretty off topic and dont have posts regarding specific experiences of women. the info people post is 99% speculative. i'm interested in finding a trainer, PT, or actual female that can be specific about the gains, side effects, and specifics of the cycle used. i dont want to take roids if people posting arent basing what theyre saying on actual experience. can anyone help with this? thanks guys!


I am neither a woman, nor a trainer experienced with women and AAS.

However, if I may attach a couple image-excerpts of Author L. Rea's CME addressing the issue, I hope it may be of at least some help.

EDIT: These are the views of one writer. You should research extensively before deciding on a protocol.


And another (sorry for the image quality, but they should be readable).


Last one. A good book, though I disagree with some of his stances, theories, and procedures (actually many of them), and it is a bit older.


You should seriously consider whether you really want to do this as a female. Even what might be considered "mild" use for a female has an extremely high chance of giving you some permanent masculine side effects. The two most common being voice changes and excessive hair growth. These sides are far more common than you may think. You also have to take extra care when finding a source, since the best drug for women (anavar) is often faked. All the women I have spoken to that have used gear have had some form of sides and all of them said that they wished they had more knowledge of what they were getting into before they did it.

You also need a very secure personality and an honest view of how you look in the mirror and what your goals are. The danger is that if you take it too far, you may end up looking like a man. Having said that, modest use of the right drugs is unlikely to take things that far. What ever you do though, do not go down the route of injecting any long acting esters, regardless of dose. Once they are in if you run into trouble there is nothing you can do.


Extremely high chance?? Really?

Almost all competitive figure girls are using AAS. I'd say its very possible for women to safely use AAS.


I would agree that a lot use, and it can be safe to use them in the correct way. There's only so much you can get away with long term though. Cumulative dose has an effect in women, and most women don't want to compete, they just want to look good, and I think steroids is a step too far for most.

Voice changes are extremely common, and irreversible. Even tiny amounts of test in some HRT plans are enough to produce changes in voice. Listen to Demi moore in the Joneses that came out recently, either she's been on gear or her HRT has test in. She looks great but she sounds like barry white.


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At least we're on the same page. I would agree that GH would be a safer choice for most women.

As for sly, his bone structure has changed remarkably. We could never prove it one way or another if it was due to GH or not, but personally I think he looks abnormal. That forehead of his is huge.

I know demi has had a low voice, but she sounds like she's been inhaling cigars in the joneses. Have you seen it?


I VERY much second the GHRP-6 recommendation.

Burns fat, builds muscle, increases strength, massive appetite boost.

Appetite could be a problem closer to a show prep, but in the off season it would seem only logical.

Safe and effective for women, even more so then actual GH. Steroid usage is very possible for women, but has some risks that while often overstated, are very real.

Few of even the more veteran members here have much USABLE experience with women and AAS. We might know a few gals cycling, and have read up on the subject but we are somewhat lacking in this area.

While a fine board for male steroid information, a more figure and female bodybuilding forum would be of more use to you.

I would look into low doses of pharmaceutical grade drugs, men can afford to be risky and sloppy with our doses, drug choice, and sources.

Accidentally getting a different steroid, or a different dose, or taking too high of a dose, can be more or less shrugged off.

With women, not so much. The margine for error is much higher, so the approach needs to be more elegant.

I wouldn't even bother worrying about drug choice before I found a good pharma source. The only safe pick in an underground lab MIGHT be test prop or another short ester of only test so that if things do go wrong it can rapidly clear the system.

Test is so common and cheap its not likely faked. And properly done, should be fairly safe, perhaps even more safe, even when compared to drugs we often consider "safe" for women like var.

Bill Roberts would be the one to ask in this area.