Steroids for Celibacy

O.K this may be a long post.

I am seriously considering celibacy as women just fuck me up.

Deca and maybe tren can kill your libido and cause temporary impotency apparently. They increase muscle size and strength which i want. Deca only needs injecting once a month.

I’m talking about a life long reliance on deca to kill my sex drive so i can confidently remain celibate, still train hard and get bigger and stronger.

What are peoples opinions on a life of celibacy maintained by a dependancy on deca? A never ending mega cycle with maybe anavar thrown in now and then for fat loss and vascularity.

Will my muscle gains halt or recede after long term use? As this is my biggest concern.

i dont know much about any of this but that sounds like one of the dumbest things ive ever heard

Put down the bowl dude.

Link to this thread:

What this means for you, I’m not sure.

It sounds like you are not content with a dose merely to suppress libido, but you are looking to perpetually be on an amount of Deca that is effective for anabolism.

What I know about Deca is that it is a powerful progestin, and a lifelong cycle would leave you constantly dealing with sides. I’m sure one of the vets here could give you more complete, useful information.

Summarized: What the fug you thinking, brother?

I love life!

This is a forum for the serious discussion of PED use. If you want to use AAS to get bigger, stronger or faster that’s fine.

If you want to be celibate JUST STOP HAVING SEX.

This has to be a joke, no way would anyone in there right mind shoot deca for there entire life lol without stopping.

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This cant be real, maybe his flatmate hacked into his account!?

Are you sure you’re not trying to repress the feelings you had when you went into the men’s locker room the other day?

Assuming this is serious:

Trenbolone does not itself have this effect. However, if the situation is such that usage results in abnormally low estrogen, then reduction in libido often or usually occurs.

Regarding ongoing Deca use: it would be medically safe at moderate dosage, but I doubt it would solve your general problem. Your brain is already wired the way it is. Just having low libido is not going to change what your brain is looking for. Only your ability to perform and at-the-moment desire for sex, but not the in-general wanting a woman.

You must be high.

Nothin’ worse than a smart, dumb nigga.

Seriously, but i agree it’s probably not a good idea.

You’ve got to understand my situation. I really, really don’t trust women. I’ve just split up my with my girlfriend again and i find out she’s cheated on me because i get myself checked out and i’ve been given a sexually transmitted disease. She still keeps lying.

Then she says she’s pregnant. I don’t react then she makes out she’s lost it.

I seriously think a single life is more trouble free apart from the sex thing and that’s where deca comes in. But like Bill says that might not solve the root of the problem.

And by the way i definatly do want to get much, much bigger and stronger so it fits in with my goals.

My only concern is that it will limit my gains long term due to androgen receptor downgrade.

I personally think you just need to lose the psycho bird.

If you suspect her of lying about sleeping with other men and carrying a baby, she is clearly no good and you are better off without.

If you want to get bigger and already train and understand the benefits and side effects of AAS then knock yourself out.

If not you should not bother - you will only regret doing it with no information about how to deal with the issues that WILL arise.

As for receptor downgrade - there is no evidence to support this AFAIK, but there is evidence to support high dose androgens actually leading to a higher volume of AR in skeletal muscle…

On a more man to man note - your post is fucking ridiculous and you are taking the piss out of all of us here by suggesting that steroids should be used as chemical castration… so knock it on the head.


You have emotional issues to sort out.

There is no such thing as “androgen receptor downgrade.”

You got jilted and want to castrate yourself to prevent further pain of this sort in the future? I believe I may have the solution you are looking for.

Caveat emptor: You would do well to watch the BME Pain Olympics before attempting something of this nature on your own, as a point of reference as to just what it is you are getting yourself into.

C’mon, cortes how are you gonna recommend that anybody watches the BME pain olymics? lol… that shit is scarring. anyway, stop hating your penis.

I know, I know. That’s why I didn’t post a direct link. However, if you really were thinking of castrating yourself, chemically or otherwise, you should probably gather all of the research you can. You should know your options, is all I’m saying.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Get a different woman. Duh.

They are not all manipulative, deceitful hoes, trust me.