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Steroids for Aerobic Capacity

I will soon be heading into my “conditioning” phase of training (for swimming) which consists of 2 workouts per day of long boring aerobic work. I was wondering what steroid(s) would give me,
A. the biggest bost in RBC and hematocrit,
B. NO water gain, and
C. increase protein synthesis so that I can recover from each workout faster.

I would prefer an oral, but I really don’t have a problem pokin around w/ a needle, inj are just harder to get for me.

I am a 20 year old competitive swimmer (sprints), I am 5’11 (done growing) weigh 187, have been weight training seroiously for 6 years. I absoutley hate conditioning, and am looking for ways to boost my performance in these workouts. I have done 2 cycles before, mostly mild orals (anavar, winny).

Also, this steroid(s) will be stacked with EPO and Insulin (for glycogen synthesis).

Any help would be GREATLY appriceated.

You’re too young–wait until you at least reach your natural limits.

Help2001, I wont be drug tested until early march of next year.

What are the clearance times for eq and anadrol?

I like the sound of test prop and var, what kind of prop dosage do you think would be ideal? I know i’d have to keep it low so that there isnt much water bloat.

Also, would there be any need for an anti-estrogen durring the low dose test/var cycle?

Bump…Any help?