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Steroids/First Time


I'm 23 5'6 at 135 lbs.I lifted for 2yrs,was around 150-160 and i blew my shoulder out.I'm not so much of a beginner as to my diet and w/o routines,but i want to start on sustanon 250 and winstrol for around ten wks,get a little push back to 150-160 and just keep it natural from there.Is it a dumb idea to start the roids or would it be good for the shoulder?any comments please.


If you were up to 150-160 before, there's no reason you can't get back there naturally once your shoulder problems are taken care of. That should be you first priority before you start even thinking about using. What exactly was your shoulder injury? What's it like now? What kind of rehab have you done for it? In some cases steroids can help injuries heal, but that depends of the nature of the injury. Saying that you "blew your shoulder out" doesn't give enough info.


Just eat a lot. Seriously.


Oh yeah, and someone just getting back into lifting with only 2 years previous experience, does not need to be worrying about steroids.


Plus if you already have joint problems you really don't want to be looking at Winstrol. . . EQ or Deca maybe. . . even IGF1-LR3 but not Winstrol.