Steroids/English Paper/Sports

I am doing a paper on steroids in sports for english at college. I am looking for a good book to buy. If there isn’t a decent one on sports and steroids then what is a good one on steroids. Thanks guys for your help

you don’t need a book there is lots of stuff been written right here at These articles are also backed up by peer-reviewed studies - just use the search engine on your left. P-22

I know and I have been reading all the info over the past year or so even though I don’t use. (i am 19) BUT you know english teachers, they need a book source. That is the only reason I am asking.

You’re not allowed to use the internet? Your teacher must be extremely behind the times.

No I can use the internet but I need one book to use for the paper. I am using this site for the paper as well as and other sport websites.

Use charlie francis’ book - I can’t remember the name off the top of my head but it was a good one. Also the most credible sources of information are always the most Current peer-reviewed studies available - your teacher would appreciate this fact.

here is a trick i learned in college. you get your onfo off of a site such as t-mag and then just make up a book name, author and page number and you have an instant source. here is a few book names you can use: anabolics 2004, legal muscle, chemical muscle enhancement, underground steroid handbook.

Lol, P-Dog. I’ve done that many times.

p-dog, i hope youre gonna support this kid when he gets booted out of dartmouth…lol.

Anabolics 2004 by William Llewellyn would be a good resource. It gives a broad overview of steroids, side effects, a little history, and then it breaks it down drug by drug very specifically. I highly recommend it (to everyone).

how 'bout legal muscle by rick collins? im pretty sure there is some info in there for you…

a lot of the articles here at t-mag have references at the end, why don’t you use those???

Hey Friend,
If you are looking for an acount by an athlete try
Breaking the Chain: Drugs and Cycling - The True Story
by Willy Voet

Or Speed Trap by Charlie Francis