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Steroids Effect on People

Hi guys.

My source isnt willing to sell me gear due to the fact that he knows very little about steroids. He knows a lot about drugs in general and what they do to people and their personalities and he thinks that steroids are the exact same as drugs like party drugs, coke etc and that I will get addicted and turn into one of those horror stories that he has seen “that one time” on facebook or the news. Any links to threads on the changes steroids may have on personalities and individuals mentally and such would be greatly appreciated.


There has been no long term research done on steroid use.

Lol if that is your “source” for AAS I strongly suggest you find another because obviously he doesn’t know a fucking thing. How the hell is he supposed to get you gear if he doesn’t even know what shit is.

A drug dealer who refuses to sell drugs… That aint how Lambos get bought. Better tell your bro to watch scarface and sprout some nuts

Close family friend unfortunately, but he’s the only one that can get me reliable pharmaceutical gear instead of dodgy home brewed gear.

Maybe he should talk to his source for the pharmaceutical gear, that person should know a little something about it, lol

All depends on the individual.

Steroids are addicting in a way :smiley: