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Steroids' Effect on Allergies/Immune System


I've been suffering from sinusitis/post nasal drip etc. since I was a kid. It runs in my family, and it's a real nightmare. Chronically swollen sub-maxillary glands, sore throats and coughs are what I deal with. These symptoms come and go. Sometimes I'll be fine for several months, then they flare up again almost like Crohn's disease of the sinuses and bronchioles.

Lately I've noticed that when I'm on a steroid cycle these symptoms are really bad and very persistant. It seems as if it increases my body's responses. My coughs, phlegm and all those other goodies are increased 10 fold, and they substantially decrease when I discontinue use of the androgens.

Has anyone else noticed their allergies are worse while on a cycle? Or fell like you have a persistant cold while on? Most people say they are less susceptible to illness while on a cycle but for me it seems like the opposite.


I've been on HRT blast and cruise for almost two years now, last year I spent more time ill than I think I ever have. i cant say for sure it was 'da roidz' but I literally spent nearly two months ill, one whole month ill with flu and three separate ten day stints with stomach upsets.

I have very similar sinus problems to you and usually have a runny nose anyway, I don't regard this as being ill it is something I've had from an early age since I had infected sinus's.

The only other thing I can put being ill down to whilst 'on' was that each time I got ill last year (all four times) I had reached my max body weight, which is 230LB's, and when I tried to push past it (each time I reached it last year I managed to do it with a tiny bit less body fat whilst a bit stronger) my I would get ill and lose about 20 LB's of muscle, so really I just spent last year playing catch up, which is exactly what I'm doing now after spending all of December in bed. I think when I get back to 230 (I'm 210 now) I'll try and maintain that body weight and see what happens, I'm not too concerned about being as big as possible but being ill fucking sucks ass!


Steroids suppress cortisol, cortisol suppresses your immune system and prevents inflammation. Sinusitis is inflammation of the sinuses. Hence when you're on cycle you experience worse symptoms.


Not to bandwagon here but I too suffer the sinusitis. This is an interesting question as my first cycle started a week or so ago. High school memories bring back the comments like "dbol makes you immune to anything, man", and crap like that. Whether it suppresses symptoms or not should it really effect immunity in terms of repair or attacking pathogens/bacteria? I could see the constant maintenance of the body while on AAS and working/training so hard to accelerate results could put the body in limp mode more frequently and for longer durations. wouldn't a tired body seem more susceptible to illness? Just my two-cents.