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Steroids early

Please, if you have a problem with the following text, try and refrain from any caveman like instincts you might be so inclined to use - ie. flaming and yelling. Thank you.

First off, let me elaborate on my delima. I want to get quit massive.

I suppose I am fortunate in that I have a naturally mesomorphic build and am genetically predisposed to having ‘the look’.

Back to my problem, I want to be big and intimidating to 99% of the people I see on a daily basis, I only intimidate 71% or there abouts currently. :slight_smile: By all means, I would like to begin some sort of regimen including legal or illegal substances in an intelligent manner, that is, I do not want to just start pumping myself full of crap and then get big and pump even more and damage myself.

Now, here is my real delima, I am only 17. I was speaking with one of my friends (matured mentally and physically adult) and he spoke of using steroids in a controlled manner yeilding quite excellent results.

So this is what I want to do: learn as much about what I will be doing and then proceed with the cycling.

Is the use of this totally ignorant at my age or if done in smaller amounts, a viable source from which to draw bad-assedness? :slight_smile: Other than the intimidation, I like looking good and take pride in not being like the 50%+ Americans who are overweight, or worse, obese.

Any help?


ill make this quite simple. yes it is totally ignorant at your age. secondly it is even more ignorant for your goals.

btw your out of your mind if you think you are intimidating 70% of people that you encounter. unless you are just talking about your high school friends.

If a person’s motivation is intimidation, I would recommend a therapist rather than AAS. Sounds like there’s some power struggle issues there.

i like this kid

I have no problem with people that use steroids. BUT I think you are far from needing them. Get your diet in order as well as training. If you want to get big eat big. you say you want to avoid being the overweight american. Eat well and it won’t happen. I think most people here will share that opinion. Good luck.

Yeah take your own advise… Learn for about 10 years then start thinking about planning a cycle.

(quote)Is the use of this totally ignorant at my age (/quote)

This is the worst thing you can do at your age. Your hormones are so raging at 17 years of age it is unbelievable. You should be able to put on massive amounts of muscle in a short period of time with proper diet and proper training.

You didn’t mention shit about the way you train or your diet. Perhaps if you got those in order first you would scare about 85% of people.

Don’t do it and fuck yourself up.

They pretty much hit the nail on the head for ya. I really could care less about how long you’ve trained or whatever. Though most won’t admit, many of us knew very little when we first started “using” and we learned along the way, usually at a price. I do HIGHLY recommend learning everything you can before doing anything, as it will save you much headache and help you avoid problems. As for you using steriods at 17? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
That is the dumbest thing you could do regardless of how careful you are or how little you use.

Please take our advice and give it a few years. Learn all you can in the mean time and you will have a hand up on most of us.

Thank you all for your advise, I wont touch them until I have matured.

The intimidation thing was more of a superficical thing I just added in there at the last moment to take up space. The biggest reason for my consideration of using the juice is because of the feel after lifting and waking up and looking better every month in the mirror. However, I would not like to become so big as many of the professionals I have seen pictures of, especially of late on the tv.

Several people I have read conclude my age would simulate being on a mild steroid because of the ever fluctuating levels of my horomones, however, I question as to how long these results last. From what I extract, the steroids help by letting you lift more (that is a rather basic interpretation of what they do) so once I come off of my growthing stages, the levels would likely drop and I would not be able to lift as much. If you don’t use a muscle to its full potential, it obviously will not stay as massive and strong.

Just a little side note on your intimidating statements. Size does not always intimidate people. Attitude has alot to go with it. “Though I walk through the valley of death I shall fear no evil…for I am the baddest mother fucker in the valley.” All that shit is fine and dandy, but as you get older and wiser, you learn, there is ALWAYS somebody out there ready to be bigger and badder than you with bigger dreams and ambitions. That is what seperates the men from the boys. Some people when they fight will not take that finger and stick it in the eye socket and pluck that eyeball out so they can shoot marbles with it later. All the size in the world cannot over power the mentality of some people. Remember that and then grow big and strong. Size is just that, size. Train your brain with your body OK.

This is just the most ridiculous fucking thing i have read on here in a while. you need therapy if your goal is intimidation, you sound like the other 29% of people kick your ass on a daily basis.

some more advice. you are 17, your goal in life should be to hump as much under age tang as you can right now while you are still able too!

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