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Steroids-Do They Give You Acne?


Alright Lads, Ladies (if any), I have been looking into steroids for quite a while now, and have kind of hit a wall when it comes to the whole thing about getting acne from steriod use.

I have never done steroids, and hold nothing against people who do. However im curious to know if anyone involved in steriod use or knowledgable on the subject knows what causes this acne? I have a few thoeries of my own but would like to get some input from You lot first.

Kind Regards.


It's supposedly due to the stimulation of the sebaceous glands.

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Likely a few things.

Hormone fluctuation.

Increase in estrogen.

SERM use

Predisposition to acne.

Some get acne only in post cycle, others get minor acne in the first few weeks others none at all.

Androgenicity of the drugs matter also. "Steroids" is too broad of a term.

Some people get white heads. Some get clogged pores or black heads. Some get sebaeceous cysts.

No one really knows what causes acne in the first place, steroid use just adds one more variable to it.


I get acne when Im on. Its probably the main classic side effect I 'suffer' from while on. Still in comparison to losing my hair, having a limp dick, having elevated BP and/or growing bitch tits, a few zits doesn't seem that bad. By and large almost any and all sides can be controlled with proper ancillary usage.

Acne tends to get worse when estrogen and cortisol are not properly controlled. Not sure this addresses the OP question but in the grand scheme I think zits should NOT be one's primary concern when preparing to jump into the AAS pool.


Shit i had the worst acne ever my whole life i mean terrible. Then I was 23 and started juicing and when im on cycle they are completly gone i mean my face is so clear but when im off and im 26 now they start popping back up.

until i start juicing again then they go away quickly. Thats why i never like to stop taking test cus having acne sucks ass. I cant explain why this is. Its suppose to be the exact opposite ,but thats the way my acne works.


Hmmm you're definitely the exception rather than the rule


Nah, I generally have some on my shoulders but when I go on it starts to clear up. My face does too. Though, I don't think I have anything as bad as the guy above- probably wouldn't even consider it mild.


Accutane,,, best drug I ever took,, 2 years later and I still have clear skin


Ehh. I took accutane in HS for acne (non-steroid related) and I had clear skin after it, but I came off of it a few weeks early because it fucked me up pretty good. (liver values, extremely dry skin, etc).

It's a great drug for getting rid of acne, but it's ridiculously harsh. It should ONLY be used as a last resort, in my [limited] opinion.

The only time I had acne come back (other than a stray pimple here and there) was the first two weeks of my cycle, and then during my SERM PCT.


Has anyone here tried Benzoyl Peroxide? I had acne as a teenager, and it was very effective. It makes your skin peel though, so you have to moisturise a lot.


Too cool! I had just logged on planning to post a question/thread about post-cycle acne. I just finished 8wks of Test E @ 500/wk...No problems during but now my face is an oily sea of blackheads and a few big tender knotty ones around the hairline.

Apparently it happens..ha.....TY Mr. Bonez