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Steroids Destroyed My Life. Help?

Here i remember that my Prolactin was high and i was given a medicine against it but still did not work.

Sure, most definitely, you’ve had the issue for 10 years now, and tried several solutions, including all pcts available online and very short stints at TRT. not sure a specialist will solve the issue but you should see one, a general practitioner would probably be way out of his league with your situation. if you are in the US there are many TRT clinic, but there are also in Europe (found some in Brussels and Madrid, didn’t check other cities). Endocrinologists are available everywhere, just try to find out whether that specific doctor is well versed in male hormonal issue, although as their specialty state, they should be.
Clomid+HCG works for many and you can later opt out without much issue, although probably coming back to your former test levels, but for some reason it is considered an inferior treatment to injectable testosterone TRT. Again TRT is afaik is the road people take when they don’t recover from PCT, seeing testimonies online, many are very happy with it, others not that much.

If your prolactin is high, you can’t have proper erections afaik, even with a decent Test level. If your prolactin is still high, it needs to be treated. Often high prolactin comes along high estrogen, both a problem if too high.

I had some less positive experiences early on, but my sourcing has improved tremendously. I actually had one cycle early on that was supposed to be tren, but I’m fairly certain was deca instead, lol. Mostly because I ran tren later from a better source, and the experience was completely different.

It’s hard to no for sure that dosing is always on point, but I don’t believe that, at least with test, that I’m getting under dosed stuff anymore. Other compounds are difficult to know. I’m not really using expensive compounds, so I tend to think they’re less likely to be dosed low.

OOF. Your dick never stood a chance.


I agree, my TRT dosing on UGL testosterone is 200mgs.

It sounds like you didn’t give enough time for the TRT to set in, you experienced 2-3 weeks of a placebo effect then gave up


Nobody here thinks that 2 to 3 weeks was the honeymoon phase and once his body stopped producing testosterone there was a drop? I experienced this. The honeymoon was a bit exaggerated and my libido/arousal was a bit to much. Once I got past the honeymoon things just worked good.

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