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Steroids Destroyed My Life. Help?

Dear Sir,
I am 49 Years old. 12 years ago i did a cycle of Steroids Cocktail (Deca, Primobolan, Dynabol & others can’t remember) for 8 weeks (unfortunately was on Finasteride at the same time) and since then i lost my Sex drive, no erection at all, Testicles shrink and lost all my muscle gains. I was treated several times with Testosterone drugs (Tabs, Injections & Gel) but it was always good for few weeks. I started to search on the website for any help and i came to something called (PCT) which i did several times with HCG, Nolvadex, Clomid & Arimidex. I also did twice the strong PCT of Dr. Scally, also took natural T boosters for 2 years but after all what i got is very slight recovery as i started to have morning wood (sometimes) but still no sex drive and weak erection but my Testicles are back to the normal size. I did my Blood test and my total Testosterone is about 300.
I am living with this condition for almost more than 10 years. I still work out but my gains are limited and as soon i go off working out, my muscle softens and get smaller.
I really wish if someone can help and let me know what to do ? Can someone who has knowledge about such cases work out a good, effective PCT for me ? I think i need a strong and long PCT to kick-start my Testicle to produce Testosterone. You guys are my last hope.
Thank you & Best Regards,

Recent labs? TT, FT, E2, FSH, LH, and SHBG? You really need these at a minimum to find out what your hormones are doing. Otherwise its just a bunch of guessing games…

Dear Sir,

I appreciate your prompt reply.

Do i understand right that i have to get lab test for the said hormones ? Am taking right now (HCGenerate ES) so do i have to stop it and then do the lab test ? If yes, how long i have to stop before making the lab test ?

Sorry for all my questions because i did so many mistakes and i want to be correct and exact this time.

Thank you & Best Regards,


So you are currently on HCG? Whats your dosage and timing? How long have you been on it?

It probably won’t really change your labs because nothing in HCGenerate works in any meaningful way. It’s a bottle of snake oil.

You’re kind of all over the road here and it looks like you made a real mess of things. My main question is why you used testosterone and then stopped. You said it was good for a few weeks and then… you kind of went on to the next thing. I’m trying to understand the timeline a little better. Frankly at 49 a TT number of 300 is not out of the range you’d expect, especially in someone who has seriously abused their endocrine system over the course of a decade. I imagine if we went and pulled 10 random 49 year old guys off the street and looked at their test levels a number of them would be in that ballpark. You need a doctor. A real, actual doctor. You need someone who is well-versed in trt who can understand your situation and see if he/she can get you on to a proper protocol. Testosterone is not something you can take for a few weeks and get back to normal with. It doesn’t work that way. You may well need to be on it for life.

Try to give a more detailed breakdown of what you took and when you took it. From the sounds of it you have approached this in a haphazard way and that can work when you’re 25 but at double that age your body is much less forgiving.

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Start looking into TRT, at this point it should only increase your quality of life from here on out. It is however, for the rest of your life.

yea this is an easy case. PCT makes zero sense if your hormones have been fucked for 10 years. TRT is the answer. Through a doctor.

If, for whatever reason, you don’t have access to a doctor who can prescribe TRT, then start injecting 200mg testosterone per week, and go from there based on how you feel and what bloodwork looks like.

TRT is for life. You mentioned that you tried injections for a few weeks. That’s not a solution to anything.


Curious why you say 200mg rather then 100mg to start?

it’s a bit arbitrary, in all honesty. Mostly because, if he’s doing it on his own, he’s likely buying UGL products, which are more likely to be underdosed.

Your dosage is dependent on your prelim labs and your SHBG. Its better to start lower at say 100mg (unless you have high SHBG) and then adjust from there once you do follow up labs at 6 weeks. Everybody metabolizes test differently. For example, I am a high SHBG guy and I take 130mg/week now. That puts my TT at the trough at about 800ng/dl and at the peak more in the 1100s. Some guys can take 200mg and not reach those numbers, yet others are out of range.

What has been your experience with these ugl suppliers as far as under dosing? I just ran 350 mg per week of ugl test and came back at 900 trough. Not what I was expecting at all. I never had a breakout on my back so that should have been a clue right there as I always have a breakout when I adjust my dosage.

Fabian, care to explain what happened after a few weeks on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy). Of the 3 methods you tried injections are favored, but it is usually a life long treatment, every time you sart a testosterone based therapy, it shuts down your own natural production and it seems a major issue to restart it, also psychologically.
At 49y o and 300 total testosterone, you sound like a good instance for TRT, curious to read why you stopped it.

Dear Sir,

No i am not on the HCG. It is a herbal supplement claims it has a similar HCG effect and T boosting called (HCGenerate). Below is a pic attached.

Do i have to stop taking this supplements before making the Lab tests ? If yes, how long to wait?

I received several replies saying that i have to do TRT for lifetime but i want to try a last treatment through your suggestion, maybe a long and strong PCT because after taking the Steroids, i had no more any sexual thoughts or any morning wood at all but
after i did few PCTs, i noticed a slight improve as i have sometimes morning wood and have sexual thoughts but no real sex drive and weak erection when masturbate so i think it seems that things can recover but needs some long work or strong stuff.

Please let me know how to start and i really appreciate spending your time writing me.

Thank you & Best Wishes,


When i took the Testosterone, it worked well just for 2 -3 weeks but then i was back to point zero and i lost the sex drive and erection so i stopped.
You are right that TT of 300 is within the normal range but in the lowest of the range and it is not enough to put me back on the track and improve my sexual drive and erection. There are guys who are aged 60 or 70 and they have good erection.
What do you think , can i areal good doctor help me ? Which kind of doctor you suggest to seek ? I mean he/she has to be specialized in ?
I took the Steroids only for 8 weeks but since the last 10 years did not take any Steroids again.
Thanks for your reply.

I stopped the Testosterone treatment because it worked only for 2 or 3 weeks and after that nothing was happening ! No more sex drive or erection.
In general, i don’t want to be on TRT for the rest of my life and i am ready to go any longer way of treatment if there is any because am already more than 10 years sexless.
Appreciate your care and writing.
Thank you.

No, honestly most of those herbal supplements are bunk. You don’t have to stop taking it before labs. Try and shoot for those labs to see where you are at. You could try another PCT but if you fail you may be on TRT for life. What was your previous TRT program consisting of? You said you felt good for a couple weeks but most TRT consists of long ester test and takes 4-5 weeks to even notice the physiological effects.

Not sure where you live but endocrinologists are specialized in hormones, not all though seem to be well versed in TRT things, there are TRT clinics in several countries, although i suspect they would push you to TRT (there are some options using clomid and or HCG that allow you to increase your test levels and can be followed at least medium term, some TRT doctors propose them. Fwiw with clomid @25mg eod + HCG@370iu eod I took my test levels from 401 to 850 than 750. at least when you discontinue you are not shut off. Need to be carfeful with estrogens still.
10 years is a long time, many steroids users can’t get back their pre cycle hormone levels and end up on TRT, you should probably discuss with a specialist your previous experiences with Testosterone see what he thinks.
Besides, about erections, drugs like Cialis and Viagra can help a lot, and are easy to get, thy are sold OTC in many countries and I doubt there are difficult to get in other places.
Also test@300 is below most normal ranges, although I’ve seen a few blood test results where the range starts below 300.

Testosterone doesn’t work for three weeks and then stop. So something else happened there. Maybe your e2 shot up too much. But for most of the guys on trt or running test in general it takes a few weeks before it starts to work and from there it will continue to work unless other hormones get out of balance.

Would you believe it when i started to take this Herbal supplements, after few days i could have real good erection but soon was over and no more. I stopped since yesterday taking it and prefer to wait for a week or 10 days before i do my blood test. I made
3 times TRT and that was like 6 or 7 years back and since then never. My first TRT was Sustanon injection and after short time i could feel the good results but after some more time all was zero even though i was still on my TRT. second TRT was also same drug
but the third was T Gel and also same result.

Once i make my Lab test i will send you the results and then please please please do me a favor to work out something for me. I really need a help.

Thank you very much.


So you mean i should look for a good Endocrinologist specialized in the Male Hormones.

I think there is a misunderstanding, i took the Steroids ONLY for 8 weeks and that was like 10 years ago.

Soon after the Steroids and when i noticed that something was wrong with me, i tried the Viagra but i was so strongly hit that even did not work at all but after the second or third PCT things started to be little better and the Viagra worked perfectly.

I would do anything but not to be on TRT. Even a longer and stronger PCT is alright.