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Steroids, Combat Vet & Anti-Psychotic Meds


I have a few questions I would like answered. I am a navy combat vet who suffers from Impulsive explosive disorder. I got hurt by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan ba k in 2006. It really screwed my feet up. I recently had my feet reconstructed to fix my feet so I could be fit for duty again and possibly go back active duty so I can finish my 20 and get retirement. In the meantime since I got my foot operation back in may I have put on alot of excess weight from laying around from being unable to move.

I am wondering if there is any ANabolic/ androgenic roidsduh I could take that would not cause me to have a elevated mood. I take geodon for my temperament and lexapro for depression. I am more interested in taking supplements that could help me shed excess body fat than putting on more size and weight since I have put on 30 lbs from being I active. I am open to Amy suggestions.


Antipsychotic medications work primarily by decreasing the effects of dopamine. Anabolic steroids increase the effects of dopamine, probably by direct agonist activity. So, anabolic steroids have the opposite effect antipsychotic medication has. Anabolic steroids also decrease GABA activty. GABA is a calming neurotransmitter.

This is why some people expierence 'roid rage.' The effect is very subtle. Much more subtle than say dextroamphetamine, which is commonly prescribed. It's arguably a more subtle effect than even an energy drink. Steroids will not cause a healthy person to go crazy, but they can trigger latent psychosis.

It's worth noting that antipsychotic medication decreases insulin sensitivty. This means that antipsychotic medication can make you fat. I'm not recommending that you stop taking your medication, but maybe there are alternatives you can talk about with your doctor.

You could look into growth hormone releasing peptides. These are peptides like GHRP-2 and CJC 1295. Another option is thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is actually an old school treatment for major depression. I read a thing a while back about doctors prescribing t3 in combination with dextroamphetamine, an MAOI, and ECT for treatment resistant depression.


Be careful with thyroid hormones, very high T3 levels can lead to anxiety issues