Steroids, Cancer, and Genetics

Hi everyone,
This is my first post on this site and really appreciate you taking the time to read and/or answer my question. So I’m 25, been lifting for 3 years now and I know my stuff. My mom is 60 and has had breast cancer twice in her life. My doctor told me if I ever used, I would definitely get testicular cancer. Is this really true? I live in Quebec, where using gear is legal but selling it isn’t (obviously lol).
Please let me know, thanks.

Using gear isnt legal

Your doctor will tell you anything

Especially in Quebec where they have a lot of people to handle

Wtf are you barking about? Look up the Quebec laws, you’ll see using gear is legal. Don’t comment on people’s posts if you don’t know shit.

Alright, if you say so.

Do you really think there is anything certain in medecine?

If you can formulate this question, why can’t you research the answer on the web?

Been training from 3 years but claims he “knows his stuff”

Another local retard from Quebec.

Steroids are legal to possess in Canada. They are not legal to purchase or sell. I know I know. Crazy. As far as testicular cancer being tied to genetics and breast cancer - if you have a family history of cancer you should avoid drugs that can cause mutations of genes - that also includes alcohol. That being said - nothing is certain and that’s a blanket statement. You’d have a higher chance of getting male breast cancer Imo

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Thanks for the reply. Yeah my great-grandmother also had breast cancer and I think died of it. I really want to take my body to the next level but fuck cancer. Is there anything I can do?

Yes… assume the risk. Self-responsibility! When using steroids You’ll need to have that concept well founded in your mind. Any choice, whatever you do, will have consequences and … good or bad, you will be totally responsible for them.

This is what you can do.


This is extremely well said.

Absolutely agree 100% with you.