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Steroids : Bodybuilder vs Strength Athlete


I would like to know whether bodybuilder , powerlifter and strongman use
1.) different steroids and products like insulin and all the other things .
2.) Per year do top powerlifter and top strongman have the same costs for these steroids and products like bodybuilder?

Thanks in advance for answers


well it really all depends on the person so i guess there isnt a real answer. some people take very little and get huge and strong. and everyone knows one the guy you see who take tons and tons of stuff year round and is extremely weak and has little to no size. it all depends on what works well with your own body i guess. if your talking about stepping on stage to compete bodybuilders will take certain hardening drugs and SOMETIMES diuretics. im not experienced enough in the powerlifting world to really comment but i would assume it would just depend on how much you need and the cost you are getting it at.


Powerlifter for the most part stick with longer acting ester drugs mainly Test and Deca with Eq becoming more common lately. As a meet gets closer usually see Tren introduced about 6-10 weeks out depending on the ester. 3-4 weeks out drugs like Dbol and Anadrol along with Halo will get thrown in possibly. Biggest difference is that powerlifters usually stick to drugs known for increasing your strength and usually resulting in some bloat. Off season some cycle off and some B and C. Doses vary depeniding on the person I know some who stay around 200mg a week and some closer to a gram even in the off season cruise. I would say that over all the TOP ELITE powerlifters are running less than the Mr.Olympias especially if you take into consideration AIs, SERMs, Thyroid Drugs, Growth and Slim. These drugs are slowly making their way into power-lifting bu, compared to the body building scene they are rare to say the least.